College Police

Blackout or Power Failure

If a blackout or power failure occurs during daylight, the college will remain open. The phone and emergency systems will continue to operate and most rooms on campus will have enough ambient light to continue activities.

If a blackout or power outage occurs after dark, classes may be excused after 15 minutes. When the lights go out, please remain calm, use whatever light sources you have, and wait in your room or area. Wait for 15 minutes. If the lights have not come back on, you should have your students or staff make their way to their cars and leave the campus. Please remind people to:

·      Walk to their cars in groups and use caution.

·      Look out for other people walking to their cars when driving out of the parking lots.

·      Treat any intersection without working signal lights as a 4-way stop.


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Emergency pull station graphic

Some classrooms and offices are equipped with an Emergency Light Stick box, which contains two light sticks, which can be removed and used as a light source.