9th High School Breakfast - March 20, 2014


 NVC Board Members and College President with Board Members and Superintendents

Collage of Pictures from breakfast

9th High School Breakfast - March 20, 2014

Agenda Retooling for Student Success - Strengthening our Partnerships  
Presentations A Changing Face at Napa Valley College Chris Farmer

High School Demographis Report/Charts

NVC Strategic Plan (Tentative Draft) Dr. Ronald Kraft
The Mechanics of the Common Standards Elena Toscano
Increasing College & Career Readiness - SHHS Ben Scinto
Implementation at VCUSD Dr. Ramona Bishop
JCCS into the future Dr. Barbara Nemko
The Nuts and Bolts of the Student Success and Support Pogram Marci Sanchez and Gwen Kell
Aligning the Gears of Career Pathways Beth Pratt and Jessica Millikan
Testing and Tutoring Center Jeremy Ecklin
Disabled Student Programs and Services (DSPS)/Special Services Rebecca Scott

DSPS Handbook - New Students

DSPS New Student Checklist

DSPS Staff

Transfer Center Mark Martin

Estimated College Costs 2013-14


Foundation Scholarships Lissa Gibbs

STARS Information Flyer

Other Handouts Available at HS Breakfast   
Registration Calendar - Summer 2014 Admissions and Records
Registration Calendar - Fall 2014 Admissions and Records
Registration Calendar - Spring 2015 Admissions and Records
Student Services Map Office of Student Services
Welcome Center Flyer Welcome Center
7 Steps to Financial Aid Financial Aid Office

It's Not Too Late Flyer 
Saturday, April 26, 2014 @ 11 am - FA event on campus

Financial Aid Office
12 Tips on Winning a Scholarship Financial Aid Office