How to use this handbook

Begin by reading the Table of Contents to familiarize yourself with the scope of information in the handbook.  It is clearly organized both by category of disability and by programs and services offered.  All students should read the section on General Provisions, which includes DSPS eligibility Requirements, DSPS student Responsibilities, and policies that apply to everyone. 

Then, if you want to know:

How do I sign up with Disabled Student Programs & Services?

Look under: General Provisions 


What kind of help is available for someone with my disability?

Look under: Definitions & Accommodations 


How do I arrange for the services I need?

Look under: Programs & Services 

First look at the section that refers to your disability to see what services are typically available, then look up a particular service to find out how to arrange for and learn about the policies for using that service.

NOTE: There is some duplication of information in this handbook. However, this is done to ensure that you know what to do. If anything is unclear, please talk to Rebecca Scott for clarification. We are here to assist you.