Disabled Students Programs and Services (DSP&S)

Staff and Contact Information

Rebecca Scott is the Dean of Library and Learning Resources and the DSPS Coordinator.  Her office, room 1735C, is located in the 1700 building (LLRC), phone 256-7417.

Sheryl Fernandez is the DSPS Counselor.  She is located in Counseling in the 1300 building.  Sheryl assists all students with disabilities. She documents and provides accommodations for physical, psychological and other types of disabilities.  She is fluent in American Sign Language, phone 256-7234. Appointments can be made through the counseling office in the 1300 building, or by calling 256-7348.

Barbara Kraig is the Coordinator of Learning Services. She is also a Professor and Learning Disability Specialist.  Her office is in the LLRC, room 1766D, phone 256-7446.

Emily Cosby is an instructor and Learning Disabilities Specialist who is here part-time.  Her office is in the LLRC, room 1766, phone 256-7447.

Karen Travis is an Instructor for Learning Services and the DSPS Support Specialist. Karen processes accommodation requests for DSPS Services for all disabilities except learning disabilities, and she teaches Learning Skills classes. Her offices are in the 1300 building and upstairs in the Library in Learning Services, phone 256-7348.

Barbara Benson is the Secretary for Learning Services.  Barbara also processes accommodation requests for students with learning disabilities.  She can be reached in room 1766 of the LLRC, phone 256-7442.

Jan Schardt is an Learning Resource Specialist and is helping with resource needs of deaf and hard of hearing students along with students that require note-taking services. Her office is located in the LLRC room 1771, phone 256-7412.

Christy Kling is Adaptive P.E. Coordinator and Instructor. Her office is located in building 600 (Gymnasium) in room 608D, phone 256-7656.

Jen Tronstad is an Instructional Assistant for Learning Services. Her office is located in the LLRC room 1766, phone 256-7443.

Stephanie Luu is an Instructional Assistant for Learning Services. Her office is on the top floor of the LLRC, room 1776, phone 246-7444.

The Testing and Tutoring Center provides accommodations for testing on campus and is located in the LLRC room 1764. Jeremy Ecklin is the Testing and Tutoring Specialist, phone 256-7434.

Amar Abbott is an Alternate Media Specialist, and is also working in Information Technology (IT). His office is located in IT, phone 256-7455.

Workability III

Nancy McEnery is the Coordinator and Counselor  for Workability III.  She is lcoated in the LLRC, room 1769, phone 256-7332.  

Job Placement Specialist for Workability III.
Is located in the LLRC, room 1769, phone 256-7371.

Malia Palu is the Secretary for Workability III. Her office is located in the 1700 building room 1769, phone 256-7371.

















Rebecca Scott, Dean of Library & Learning Resources and DSPS Coordinator
Rebecca Scott


Barbara Kraig, Professor & Learning Disabilities Specialist
Barbara Kraig


Sheryl Fernandez 
Sheryl Fernandez 


Emily Cosby, Disability Specialist (Part-time)
Emily Cosby


Jen Tronstad, Instructional Assistant
Jen Tronstad


Jan Schardt
Jan Schardt