Disabled Students Programs and Services (DSP&S)

Mobility Disabilities


Physical Disability means a visual, mobility, orthopedic or other chronic health impairment.  Mobility and orthopedic impairment means a serious limitation in locomotion or motion functions which indicate a need for special services or special classes.  Other health impairment means a serious dysfunction of a body part or system, which necessitates the use of one or more of the supportive services or programs (Title V).  Conditions that limit physical abilities includes decreased movement due to disease, paralysis, injury, amputation, developmental condition, or limitation of movement due to diseases such as cardiovascular disease.


Reasonable accommodations include:

  • Modification of facilities/equipment/devices
  • Modification or adjustments to examinations and materials

The Adaptive PE program through Napa Valley College supports students with mobility impairments.

Dr. Christy Kling is the instructor for this program and can be reached at 253-3228.