Learning Services

Getting Tested for a Learning Disability

Testing for a learning disability (LD) is a ten step process mandated by the California Community College Chancellor’s Office LD Eligibility Model. Receiving services for LD requires that a student meet the eligibility requirements as established by the Chancellor's Office.

To refer yourself for testing, drop by the Learning Services department located on the 2nd floor of the McCarthy Library, Building 1700, Room 1766, and make an LD screening appointment (1.5 hours). After this appointment, you will have a 30 minute appointment to determine if you should be tested for LD or referred to other support programs on campus.

Once this process is completed, you will be given an appointment date for an initial achievement test.  After completing your first achievement test, you will meet with the LD Specialist who will talk with you regarding your learning problems and learning history to decide if you should continue with the LD testing process.

Once you complete the testing process, during your last appointment you will meet with the LD Specialist to interpret your test results. If it is determined that you have LD, accommodations will be prescribed to help compensate for areas of weakness.

To be categorized as learning disabled, a student must exhibit: 

  • Average to above average intelligence
  • Severe processing deficit(s)
  • Severe aptitude-achievement discrepancy (ies)
  • Measurable achievement in an instructional or employment setting

LD testing completed at NVC is respected by all California Community Colleges and NVC accepts current LD testing from all other California Community Colleges.  If you transfer to another community college, your testing will be valid. If you transfer to a 4-year college or university, you will need to contact the transfer school to find out what testing documentation is required for LD students.