Eligible 2013-2014 Graduates and Candidates for Graduation

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List of 2013-2014 Approved Graduates

to verify that a graduate's name is on the list.  This is a master list of all the 2013-2014 approved graduates and candidates for graduation that can participate in the Commencement Ceremony on May 30, 2014. 

Only those on the table below will be eligible to walk in the ceremony. 

Semester of Graduation Invited to Ceremony
Summer 2013 (graduates) May 2014
Fall 2013 (graduates) May 2014
Spring 2014 (candidates for graduation) May 2014

If your name is NOT listed on this list, check your graduation petition to make sure that you indeed petitioned to graduate in one of the semesters listed above. If you are certain your name should be in this list, please contact the appropriate Admissions and Records staff listed below to inquire about the status of your graduation petition and determine why your name was missed.

Type of Degree


Email address

AA Degrees

Angelica Torres


AS Degrees in Health Occupations

Margarita Ceja


AS Degrees (other areas)

Dixie Larson


For students graduating in spring 2013: If you believe you are no longer eligible to graduate due to changes in your spring schedule like having dropped a required class, please send an email to the appropriate A&R staff member listed above so that your petition can be withdrawn. The pre-evaluation of your graduation petition is completed by a counselor and the Admissions Specialists only once when you initially submitted it.   If your graduation depends on the successful completion of spring courses, this letter does not mean that your degree or certificate has already been approved or is final. The final evaluation will be conducted after spring grades have been verified. Your degree will be final when it posts on your transcript by July 2014.

IMPORTANT: If you know that you just submitted a "petition to graduate" this semester, then you have petitioned to graduate at the end of the Summer 2014 semester (not the Spring 2014 semester).

Students who petition to graduate in Summer 2014 are NOT eligible to participate in the May 2014 ceremony.  The table below shows who will be invited to the 2015 ceremony.  

 Semester of Graduation  Invited to Ceremony
 Summer 2014 (future graduates)  May 2015
 Fall 2014 (future graduates)  May 2015
Spring 2015 (future graduates) May 2015



All graduates participating in the ceremony will receive a diploma cover that contains a congratulatory note. The actual diploma is mailed to you upon verification of completion of all requirements. Spring graduates should expect their degree(s) posted on their transcript by July 2014. Diplomas for spring will likely be mailed in August 2014.

If your address changes before August or you have corrections to your name, please update your mailing address in the Admissions and Records Office by submitting a Change of Name, Address and Phone Number form. If you have any questions regarding your diploma, please call the Admissions and Records Office at (707) 256-7555.

No official or personalized document is handed out to graduates during the ceremony.