Information for Graduates Only

Number of Guests to Bring to the Ceremony

This year we will not be issuing tickets to the graduates for their guests as the ceremony has been moved from the gym to an outdoor venue, the NVC Green Plaza (in front of the 2000 Life Science Bldg).  Yet seating is still limited, so we are asking graduates to limit their guests to 6-8 people.  

Valedictory Speaker Auditions for Honors Graduates

Graduates with a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher will receive an email inviting them to apply to be the Valedictory Speaker at commencement.  A committee will choose the valedictory speaker after interviewing all applicants who are interested.  The auditions will be held on Thursday, April 24, 2014 between 9:00-11:00 a.m.  Eligible students must schedule an interview appointment by April 17.

If you believe you qualify to audition and do not receive the Honors email invitation by early April, please contact the Office of Student Services at (707) 256-7363 to verify your eligibility.

Academic Regalia for Alpha Beta Gamma (ABG)  Members

As business honor society members, it is your right to demonstrate your academic achievement by wearing the official Alpha Beta Gamma saphire blue stole and/or gold tassel. To purchase these items, go to the Shop ABG website and click on the Buy Stoles and Regalia link. 

Academic Regalia for PTK Members

As honor society members, it is your right to demonstrate your academic achievement by wearing the official Phi Theta Kappa gold stole, cord, pin, and/or tassel.  To purchase  these items, immediately call International at (800) 946-9996 or shop online at the PTK Store.  Our chapter name is Beta Beta Sigma.  If you are a spring inductee, tell them your membership information was recently sent via PAM.  Some programs (SSS, EOPS, etc.) on campus will pay for your honors regalia, so check with these programs first.

Academic Regalia (General)

Caps and gowns are now available at the NVC Bookstore for $26.75.  Academic regalia is not required to participate in commencement but only about 4 or 5 students out of 250 don't wear it.  Don't wait until the last minute to purchase your academic regalia. 

Please visit NVC Bookstore for their exact hours of operation.

Graduation Rehearsal

Location:  Quad next to Bookstore.

Each year the Office of Student Services holds a graduation rehearsal on the morning of commencement.  Graduates will learn how they will line up in the evening and will practice the processional into the gym including walking across the stage to receive their diploma cover or certificate letter.  We STRONGLY encourage all graduates who are participating in the ceremony to attend the rehearsal.  

Graduates who attend the rehearsal must bring with them their white "Graduate Information Card" already completed with their name and degree(s) or certificate(s).  We will use this card to practice reading your name as you walk across the stage.  

This year the graduation rehearsal will take place at 10:00 a.m. in the Quad (next to the Bookstore).  The rehearsal usually takes about an hour. 

IMPORTANT for those who are unable to attend the Graduation Rehearsal:

If you have to work or are taking a final exam and cannot attend the rehearsal, you can still participate in the ceremony.

All graduates MUST stop at the Graduate Check-In Table starting at 5:00 p.m.  Please have your cap and gown on by the time you reach this table. 

Don’t forget to have your white “Graduate Information Card” with you because you will need to have it in your hand when you walk up the stage.  If you loose your information card, you will be able to pick up one at the check-in table.

Graduate Check-in Table (Assembly Time and Place)

Before graduates can start assembling (location to be determined), they must stop at the Graduate Check-in Table starting at 5:00 p.m. for the following: 

  • Pick up your graduate information card if you attended rehearsal OR
  • If you did not attend the rehearsal, bring your card with you and have it checked for accuracy and legibility
  • If applicable, pick up an "I'm Transferring" button if you are transferring to a university.
  • Pick up a commencement program.
  • Have your cap and gown on before heading over to line up. 

Graduates will be asked to line up as they practiced in rehearsal. See layout of Quad for Line-up of Graduates.  The earlier you arrive, the better seats you will get because graduates line up as they arrive and there is no holding of spots once the rows start forming at around 5:30 to 5:45p.m.

Make sure not to have any personal items on hand (i.e. purses, gown hanger, etc).  Any items you carry will need to be placed under your seat or on your lap during the ceremony.  To prevent loss/misplacement of your items, make sure to give them to a family member before you line up.

Graduate Information Card

All graduates will get a “graduate information card” which you will hand to the name reader as you begin to walk across the stage.  This card will be handed out to graduates at the beginning of the morning rehearsal.  Your name will be read from this card—not from the program.  This card will have some information pre-filled but you will need to fill out certain sections yourself.  (See samples).  Do not include honors or other information as they will not be announced; honors are only printed on the program.  

Students who cannot attend the rehearsal must arrive early in the evening to fill out a card at the Check-In Table before going to line up.

Disabilities Accommodations for Graduates Participating in the Ceremony

Any graduate needing special accommodations for him/herself due to a physical or mobile disability must inform the Office of Student Services at 256-7363 at least three weeks prior to the event.  No special accommodations will be made for family members or guests of graduates.   The rehearsal on Friday morning is highly recommended for any graduate needing special accommodations.

Reserved seating for elderly guests or guests with a physical or mobile disability will be available in certain reserved areas.  This seating is available on a first come, first serve basis.  

Procession of Graduates

Graduates will process/march from the Quad (or possibly Glade) and walk toward the Green Lawn in front of the 2200 Life Science Building.  Two faculty members and the valedictory speaker(s) will lead the march. 

After the ceremony, graduates will march out down the middle of the aisle following the Board of Trustees and faculty.

Guests must remain seated until all graduates have proceeded down the aisle.  

Commencement Photographer

A professional photographer will be onsite to take pictures during the ceremony.  Each graduate will be photographed as they receive their diploma from the President and individually after exiting the stage.  Graduates are not required to purchase these pictures; these are optional. 

Graduates who participated in the ceremony will be emailed proofs of their photos within 24-48 hours of the ceremony. Graduates should check their email, noted on their information card, during the weekend to take advantage of the 20% early bird discount offered to graduates if you order within 48 hours of having received that first email.   

If you would like a link to these pictures, please email: and indicate your graduate's name and school.

Be sure to fill out the back of the Commencement Information Card with your full name and current mailing address if you would like to receive information on your proofs from the photographer. 

Contact Information for Photographer:

Ultimate Exposures
7011 Hayvenhurst Ave., Suite C
Van Nuys, CA 91406
Phone  877-ULT-EXPO
Fax  818-781-9531

Pictures can be ordered by mail, phone, fax or through their website.


AA/AS recipients will receive a diploma cover at the ceremony that contains a congratulatory note.   The actual diploma is mailed to you upon verification of completion of all requirements.  Spring graduates should expect their degree(s) posted on their transcript by July 2014.  Diplomas for spring will most likely be mailed in August 2014.

If your address changes before August, please update your mailing address in the Admissions and Records Office by submitting a Change of Name, Address and Phone Number form.  If you have any questions regarding your diploma, please call the Admissions and Records Office at (707) 256-7207 or email Dixie Larson at

No official or personalized document is handed out to graduates during the ceremony.

Checklist for Graduates

RSVP if you wish to participate in the ceremony.  

Purchase your cap and gown at the NVC Bookstore (not required, but most graduate do wear one).

Fill out a “Graduate  Information Card” during the rehearsal.  Your name will be read from this card as you walk across the stage--not from the program.

Attend Rehearsal (location to be determined) (lasts about 90 min; highly recommended)

  • Stop at the Graduate Check-in Table in front of the Admissions and Records Office between 5:00-5:50 p.m. to pick up the following before lining up:
  • Your graduate information card
  • A commencement program