Athletics Hall of Fame Committee

The Hall of Fame was formed in 2010 with Kevin Luckey leading a committee consisting of:
  • Kathy Baird,¬†Associate Director NVC Foundation
  • Pattie Brown, Napa Community Representative
  • Lissa Gibbs, Executive Director NVC Foundation
  • Frank Humpert, Retired Educator and NVC Alum
  • Bob Maglione, Retired NVC Softball Coach
  • Betty Malmgren, Retired Director of Community Relations at NVC
  • Mike Ronald, NVC Equipment Manager
  • Ira C. Smith, Sports Director at KVON-1440 AM Radio
  • Jerry Somerville, former NVC Counselor and Tennis Coach
  • Gary Strommen, NVC Athletics Web-Master
  • Nadine Wade-Gravett, P.E. Coordinator and former NVC Athletic Director

There is also a selection committee.