About Us

California community college athletic programs are only allowed to actively recruit athletes who are from their county or neighboring counties. Athletes from outside a college's recruiting area must make first contact with the college coach or athletic representative if they are interested in communicating directly about a particular program. A first contact form, Form C, is available on our documents page. If you are from outside our area and desire to communicate with a coach, please download the form and e-mail or send the completed form to the coach or athletic department.

Napa Valley College provides excellent academic preparation in many vocational and professional fields as well as an outstanding general education program to prepare students for the four year colleges. Our athletic program is very competitive in The Bay Valley Conference in volleyball, men's and women's basketball, men and women's soccer, softball, and baseball. Our men's and women's golf team compete in The Big Eight Conference. We are proud of our coaching staff and the support that they and all members of the athletic department and college staff provide to ensure that athletes meet their academic and athletic goals.