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Jim Wiechers, Men's & Women's Golf Coach

Coach Jim Wiechers
Coach's Statement
My biggest goal as golf coach is to make sure my players improve in all aspects of the game from the start of the season until the end.
Title: Golf Coach
School / Location: Physical Education
Phone: 253-3225
E-Mail: Contact Jim Wiechers
Jim is in his fifth year as Men's golf coach at NVC and will start his fourth year, in the Fall, as Women's golf coach.  Jim's background includes 13 years on the PGA Tour and for the last 19 years has been the principal golf instructor, previously at Chardonnay GC and at the present, Eagle Vines GC.
Jim's Golf Record
1962 USGA Junior Amateur Champion

1964 Western Junior Amateur Champion

1965 1st Team All-American (Santa Clara University)

1965 NCAA Championship Runner-up

1966 Western Amateur Champion

1969 West End Classic Champion (PGA Tour)

Life-Time Veteran Member of PGA Tour
Phone Numbers Notes
Home 707-255-0296 - Best after 5 pm
Office 707-253-3225 - Leave Message
Cell 707-225-5828 - During Day