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Information on the Student Representation Fee $1.00

Class Schedule Description: All credit students are required to pay a $1.00 Student Representation Fee. This fee will be used so that students may represent students' views and positions at city, county and district governments, as well as state legislative offices and other government agencies.

Examples of ways the Associated Students of Napa Valley College Government would spend the Student Representation fee money:
* Send 10 ASNVC Board members to the Fall California Community College Student Affairs Association Student Leadership Conference.

* Send 2 ASNVC Board members to the Fall and Spring Student Senate General Assembly.

* Mileage to send 2 ASNVC Board members to monthly Student Senate Region 2 meetings.

*Sponsor club members to attend Statewide Latina Leadership Conference, Black Caucus Leadership Conference and other Student Leadership Conferences that may happen in the future.

Education Code Section 76060.5 says that a student may, for religious, political, financial, or moral reasons refuse to pay the fee. The Student Representation Fee Waiver is located in the Forms and Handouts section of the Associated Students of Napa Valley College webpage under miscellaneous forms. Return form to the Cashier's Window, Bldg 1500

Need Representation?

ASNVC Board Member are available to accompany NVC students to grievance meetings. Click on ASNVC Minutes and Agendas or visit ASNVC Office for the Student Advocate Application.

Want to take a stand on an issue?

Bring your issues and or concerns to the next available ASNVC Meeting.

Emergency Student Fund

Students who are in a great need of money due to an unforeseen action or event such as lost or stolen items that took place on NVC Campus can apply for a $300.00 grant per student. Applications are available in the ASNVC Office.

Reserving the Student Lounge

Looking for a large room to have a study group or club meeting? Contact the ASNVC Office to use the student lounge. The student lounge is located in the cafeteria.

Napa VINE Transit Bus Schedules

We have VINE Transit Bus schedules for Line 5 S. Jefferson/Imola and Line 10 Calistoga/Vallejo, information on late evening ride sharing and car pooling. For more information on transportation, sharing rides, etc. click here: or Solano Transportation Authority

Visiting off-campus vendors selling or solicitation

All requests must be submitted on a Campus Selling/Solicitation Form at least seven (7) days prior to the date of service on campus. For off-campus vendors selling items, an application fee will be required and shall be paid in the form of a check written out to Napa Valley College (on memo line write "ASNVC", or the vendor may pay in cash.
The flat rate fee is:
For vendors who sell merchandise: $50/day or $80/2 days
For Vendors engaging in client based businesses (banks, phones, companies, credit cards, clinics, etc): $100/day or $160/2 days.

  • Best time to be on campus is Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 8:45 am to 2pm

  • Solicitation areas are the Quad area outside the cafeteria, inside the cafeteria (per management approval), the mall walkway, the Glade or the Library Plaza.

  • Selling is restricted to the assigned table area. No solicitation is allowed outside of your vendor space.

  • Vendors may request use of college equipment in writing five days prior to date. If not requested, the vendor will be responsible for any necessary equipment: table, chairs, extension cords, etc.

  • Vendors may not solicit customer via microphone, loud music, entering offices or classrooms, blocking walking paths, or hawking the product outside the assigned site.

  • All persons and/or organizations are subject to the rules and regulations of the campus; any violations is cause for College Disciplinary actions as per the Student Code of Conduct and/or criminal action for non-students.


Student Representative on General and Campus Hiring Committees
Looking for job interview experience? Want to learn more about the college? Apply to be a Student Representative. Visit the ASNVC Office today!