Associated Students of Napa Valley College

College Posting Guidelines

  1. Posting on Campus Event bulletin boards: Publicity items may only be posted on bulletin boards listed on this sheet.

  1. All off campus posting material must be stamped at the ASNVC Office in Room 1342.  If the ASNVC office is closed, the Office of Student Services in Room 1330 (Next to the Admissions and Records Office) can also approve publicity items.

  1. Posters are to be no larger than 16" x 20" and should contain the name of the sponsoring group (or individual), the event, time, place, and cost/price donation when applicable. Campus Activities Bulletin Boards are managed by the ASNVC Office and will be cleared each Friday, or whenever the event is over. Extensions may be granted by the ASNVC Office for official college business only.

  1. Campus clubs, organizations and departments can have "Napa Valley College"on advertising and do not need to have their flyers stamped.

  1. Only one poster per event may appear on each board. Violation of this policy is a misdemeanor pursuant to the California Education Code and may result in the loss of your posting privileges.

  1. Posting over or removing existing material is not allowed. If done, group will lose posting rights for 2 weeks.

  1. No posting allowed in classrooms or bathrooms unless approved by ASNVC Office.

  1. Putting flyers on car windows is not allowed.

     9.  Posting is only allowed on designated posting areas.     

     10. If you choose not to follow these guidelines, then your flyer(s) will be removed.



The following locations have been designated as General Information Bulletin Boards

  • Posting boards next to cafeteria and bookstore
  • Posting board at the south end of the mall near the1600 building
  • Smoking Pavilions north 9 (between the gym & pool) and south of campus mall (near new Life Sciences building) and downstairs between the 1400 and 1200 building
  • Posting boards in front of McCarthy Library and the 800 building


All locations above and the following locations below have been designated as Posting Areas:

Gymnasium: Downstairs (Not on department boards)

  • Woman locker room
  • Men locker room
  • Outside of the Men locker room

Building 800: Main floor (Not on department boards)

  • Next to Rm 830
  • Next to Rm 831
  • Next to Rm 835
  • Next to Rm 837

800 Building: Bottom Floor (Not on department boards)

  • Next to Rm 813

1300 Building:   

  •  next to Rm 1342 (ASNVC Office)

Inside posting:  You can only post on designated Campus Events bulletin boards.  IMPORTANT: Use scotch tape and thumb tacks.  PLEASE NO STAPLES ON INSIDE BULLETIN BOARDS.

Outside posting: Designated posting boards only.

Guidelines are subject to change and will be updated as necessary.