Associated Students of Napa Valley College

Clubs and Organizations

Clubs for 2013-2014

On campus clubs and organizations vary from year to year

according to student interest. Each year, at least 25 different

student clubs and organizations are formed ranging from:


 Clubs for Fall 2013

 Club Name

Contact Information

Anthropology Club

Club President: Elizabeth Henderson

Campus Greens

Club President: Andrew Profitt

Garden Club

Club President: Matt Wilke 

Humans VS. Zombies

Club President: Matthew Callejo

NVC Nursing Student Club

Club President: Jessica Orozco & Katie Zimmerman or

NVC Rotaract

Club President: Tayler Tildsley

Napa Valley Dream Team

Club President: Alex Hoyt

Puente Club

Club President: Monica Hurtado


   Club President: Lucy Elena & Gabriel Affonso or

 Discovery Club

         Club President: Kyle Wilkerson

 Tennis Club

                  Club President: Sicoro Isadore              

Entertainmennt Club 

              Club President: Angelica Manos       


                       Club President: Dulce Bugarin               

Students Supporting Success    (Club S.S.S) 

Club President: Monica Padilla & Roxana Garcia-Ochoa or

A Capella Club 

                       Club President: Jeremy Padrones              

 Respirotory Therapy Club

      Club President: Angela Medley and James Inciardi  or 

NVC Potters Guild 

                  Club President: Dante Stewart        


              Club President: Tanya Wood     

Queer Student Alliance (QSA) 

                Club President: Diego Sahagun   

The Anime Club

Club President: Ramon R. Tellez Jr.                 

 Student Veterans Organization

              Club President: Cassidy B. Nolan      

Psych Tech Crew (P.T.C.) 

                            Club President: Ryan Daley                    

International Culinary, Hospitality and Wine Club (I-CHOW) 

Club President: Pablo Iglesias Derderian 

 Business, Technology & Entrepreneurship Club 

Club President: Cassarie Soungpanya 

 Umoja Club

                       Club President: Traci Gipson      

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