Associated Students of Napa Valley College

Clubs and Organizations

Clubs for 2014-2015

On campus clubs and organizations vary from year to year

according to student interest. Each year, at least 25 different

student clubs and organizations are formed. 

Clubs for Spring 2015

 Club Name

Contact Information

Anthropology Club

Club President: Elizabeth Henderson

Campus Greens

Club President:

Garden Club

Club President: Jesse Preciado 

Humans VS. Zombies

Club President: Derrick Padilla

NVC Nursing Student Club

Club President: Jessica Orozco & Katie Zimmerman or

NVC Rotaract

Club President:

NVC Circle K

                              Club President: Joe Samson                  

Neo-Latin Cultural Club

Club President:

Napa Valley Dream Team

Club President: Alex Hoyt

Puente Club

Club President: Monica Hurtado


       Club President: Emily Myhre & Norma Ortiz      or

 Discovery Club

              Club President: Kyle Wilkerson    

 Tennis Club

                  Club President: Sicoro Isadore              

Entertainmennt Club 

              Club President:


               Club President: Randale Ferguson 

Students Supporting Success    (Club S.S.S) 

Club President: Ricardo Herrera & Roxana Garcia-Ochoa &

Cohort Club

                    Club President: Zachary Dias                                                       

 Respirotory Therapy Club

      Club President: Katie Davis & Brandi Dopika &

Natural Order Dance Team 

Club President: Joey Dominguez                         


              Club President:

Queer Student Alliance (QSA) 

                Club President: Ahkhealah Hoskins   

The Anime Club

Club President: Ramon R. Tellez Jr.                 

 Student Veterans Organization

              Club President:

Psych Tech Crew (P.T.C.) 

                          Club President: Elmer Andrei Manaid                   

International Culinary, Hospitality and Wine Club (I-CHOW) 

Club President: Pablo Iglesias Derderian  

 Business, Technology & Entrepreneurship Club 

Club President: 

 Umoja Club

                       Club President: Traci Gipson         

Active Minds

                         Club President: Carly Brooks              


               Club President: Alejandra Valencia      

Next Generation Psych Techs

                          Club President: Jennifer Kinner                  

Theater Students United

Club President: Rafael Manzo & Kevin Manzo    

Check out the lastest ASNVC Office paperwork and leadership handouts for clubs available for Download!