Associated Students of Napa Valley College



 ASNVC 2013-2014

   Associated Students Board


The Associated Students of Napa Valley College is a body of student-elected officers. Officers of the ASNVC Executive Board include a President, Vice President, Secretary, Chief Financial Officer, Public Relations Officer,  Legislator Advisor, and several Senators representing each academic area of study. There is also an elected student trustee, who serves on the College Board of Trustees. The ASNVC Office and Executive Board is managed and advised by the Coordinator of Student Life.

The ASNVC Executive Board has the responsibilty for financing and organizing co-curricular and non-curricular activities, such as lectures and various cultural events. It manages funds derived from the sale of ASNVC ID cards, video games and vending machines; it also recieves a portion of the profits from the student bookstore.

The ASNVC Executive Board tries to be a representative of the college's student body. All registered students have the right to vote in the annual elections. Any student, who has completed 5 units at NVC, has a GPA of 2.0 or better and is currently enrolled in at least 5 units and who follows other guidelines set by the ASNVC constitution and bylaws may run for office. The ASNVC Executive Board holds regular meetings on campus (location varies). Students are encourage to attend and voice their opinions on campus and community-related issues. 



Janine Bedon 


Vice President

Christoper Vogt



 Chief Financial Officer

Michael Ogle



Student Trustee

Alex Shantz


 Internal Affairs Coordinator

Stephen Nefas


Public Relations Officer

 Angela Ituriaga


Special Services

Elizabeth Hall


External Affairs Officer



Business and Computer Studies

Cassarie Soungpanya



Club Coordinator

Taylor O'Brien




Events Coordinator

Jon Thompson





William Cruz



 Science, Mathematics, and Engineering

Edwin Guzman 



Arts and Humanities

Patricia Garganera



Career Technical Education






Health Occupations




Language and Development Studies





Physical Education and Athletics




Environmental Sustainability

Matthew Long


*To schedule an appointment with one of the Executive Board Members, please call the ASNVC office at (707)256-7340* 



Other Open Positions     

Evening Students, Social Sciences, Facilities and Technological Infrastructure, Inclusivity, UVC and Community Education, Veteran Affairs, & Sergeant-at-Arms,