Napa Valley College awards four types of associate degrees. An Associate of Arts Degree is earned in general areas of study that provide students with a liberal arts foundation such as natural sciences, social sciences, or humanities. They are often awarded to students who plan to transfer to a four-year institution. An Associate of Science Degree is earned in occupational programs that provide students with skills and training for immediate entry into the workforce such as health occupations, business, and various technical fields. Please refer to the Napa Valley College catalog or make an appointment with a counselor to inquire about the graduation requirements. In addition to the A.S. and A.A. degrees, Napa Valley College also offers two transfer degrees, A.A. for Transfer (AA-T) and A.S. for Transfer (AS-T).   All candidates for graduation must file a petition in the Admissions and Records Office by the ninth week prior to the semester they wish to graduate. The specific date is listed in the course schedule. During the summer, students must file during the fifth week if they want to graduate in the fall semester. Again, please see the course schedule for specific dates. Applying for graduation a semester ahead ensures that students have ample opportunity to enroll in any classes in their final semester they may be missing for graduation. For Graduation Petition deadlines refer to the Admissions and Record Calendar or consult with your counselor.

Download a Petition for Graduation for Associate of Arts and/or Associate of Science Degree - Graduation Petition and Checklist.  Before submitting the graduation petition to the Admissions and Records Office, students are required to meet with a counselor in order to verify the following:

  • Eligibility for graduation
  • Whether Napa Valley College offers the major or occupational program that the student is requesting