Our goal is to provide you with a counseling appointment that addresses your needs and goals in a timely and productive manner.  Counselors and staff make every effort to meet your needs and interests as efficiently as possible.

During this current time of budget constraints, the General Counseling Office is working with greatly reduced staff, of both counselors and support staff.  We recognize that you may have difficulty getting through to us by phone or you may experience a longer wait than usual, for an appointment.  Therefore, we would like to engage you in making your appointment more productive, by asking you to do the following:

Preparing for a Counseling Appointment

  1. If you are requesting an Educational Plan for Financial Aid, a Direct Student Loan, or a Special Petition, you must bring all necessary paperwork to the counseling appointment, including the Education Plan Certification page (Counselor Signature Page), a copy of your current education plan (if you have one), and any prior college and/or high school transcripts, not on file at NVC (see # 2, and 3, below).
  2. If you have transcripts from another college/s, or qualifying Advanced Placement (AP) test scores, that are not on file at NVC, please bring official or unofficial copies with you, to your counseling appointment.
  3. If you are using a high school transcript that is not on file at NVC, to qualify for a Math or Chemistry class, please bring a copy of your high school transcript with you, to your counseling appointment.
  4. If you have not yet taken your English and/or Math Placement Assessments and you intend to enroll in an English and/or Math class, please take the assessment/s prior to your counseling appointment.






Types of Appointments

Drop-in Appointments

Brief academic advising appt with a counselor. Students write in their name on a check-in list and are seen in the order they arrive.  Please click here for a list of Counseling Drop-in Hours for the week.

Same Day Appointments

Same day appointments will not be available during the summer term. A limited number of same day appointments may be available beginning in September. Please check the General Counseling webpage for updates.

Scheduled in Advance Appointments

Starting on Tues., Aug. 26th, we will be scheduling 45 min appointments with a Counselor for course planning, Transfer Information and Ed Plan development.

Appointments are scheduled one week in advance, starting on a Tuesday for the following week.  Our offices open at 9:00a.m. for appointment scheduling.