Course Repeatability


New Legislation Regarding Repeatability In Dance and Physical Education

All students who
take physical education courses will be affected by legislation handed down by the State of California regarding repeated enrollment in dance and physical education activity courses. These rules do not apply to courses that are designated as intercollegiate athletic courses, and specific rules for adaptive physical education are not addressed in communication.  The legislation will be effective beginning this fall, Fall Semester 2013.  In the past a student could take a course once and then repeat it three times.  Beginning this fall a student will only be able to take a course once. Repetition of courses has been eliminated.


Simply stated, the following points illustrate the rules under which we now operate:

  • If a student takes a dance or physical education activity course for the first time, then that student may not enroll in the same course a second time.
  • If a student has taken a course in the past (for example, weight training), then that student may not take the same course again.
  • Families of courses have been established.  A student may take up to four courses in a family during his or her community college experience.  After four courses taken in any one family, the student may only take courses in other families if he or she desires to enroll in dance or physical education.
  • If a student has taken a course that now exists in family four times in the past, then that student may not take any course from that family for the duration of his or her enrollment in community college.

The following examples will explain how the system works:

  • Kareem is taking PHYE 151 for the first time. He wants to enroll in another weight training class next semester.  So, he enrolls in PHYE 151 B.  If he wants to enroll in another weight training class, then one must exist within the family. He may not take 151 or 151 B again.
  • Alyssa took PHYE 129 in the spring of 2013.  She wants to enroll in Spinning again in the fall of20l3. She may not enroll in PHYE 129 because she has already taken the class.  She may enroll in PHYE 129 B, because that is offered within the same family.  Once she is finished with that course, then she may not take another spinning course, unless a new one is offered.
  • Gary has taken PHYE 123 (Tennis) four times before the fall semester of 2013 begins.  He will not be able to take a course from the tennis family of courses during the remainder of his community college experience.



The physical education, health, athletics, and dance division encourages students to take courses from a variety of families.  The families are posted at various locations throughout the department.  If you have specific questions, please stop by our office and ask us for clarification.  We desire that our students have an educational and enjoyable experience in our courses.