Superintendent/President Goals


Dr. Ronald Kraft

Superintendent/President Goals—Academic Year 2013-14 

Each year the Napa Valley College Board of Trustees establishes performance goals for the Superintendent/President. These goals are developed through consultation with the Superintendent/President and are integral to the strategic planning process of Napa Valley College and closely linked to the biennial goals the Board of Trustees sets for itself.

©  Continue to monitor & take proactive actions to position the college to leverage on relevant opportunities for community and regional collaborations that expand the mission building capacity of the institution consistent with Board policy and goals.

©  Develop (through The Way Forward) short-, intermediate-, and long-term planning initiatives to address the fiscal realities of the District’s ability to meet its mission.

©  Complete a Facilities Master Plan for the College.

©  Fully implement a method to ensure that the college BOT is informed and up-to-date on college related issues.

©  Build trust, communication and a “shared sense” of mission, in and among the college stakeholders, the Napa Valley community at large, relevant educational groups, governmental organizations and other entities to build college visibility, credibility and reputation.

©  Manage a process that ensures college leadership and staff collaborate, plan, prioritizes, and performs.