Council of Presidents


Composition:  The Council of Presidents is established as a group composed of the college president and the president of each of the four identified constituent groups or his/her designee.

Responsibilities of the Council of Presidents

(1)  The council provides a final review of all non-academic and professional policies and regulations sent to the college president for adoption by the Board of Trustees, whether they come from committees, individuals, or constituent groups.

(2)  Council members will share information on state, federal, and local issues with the constituent groups.

(3)  The Council of Presidents will conduct a biennial evaluation of the committee structure of non-academic and professional committees (see definitions in Section VI) and make recommendations to the college president and Board of Trustees of findings and recommended changes no later than May 15.


 Academic Senate President: Maria Biddenback

Classified Senate President: Valerie Exum

Administrative Senate President: Ken Arnold

Associated Students of Napa Valley College President: Janine Bedon

District Superintendent/President: Ronald D. Kraft