Coordinating Committee Role & Membership

Role of the Coordinating Committee

1) Provide shared governance perspective and input at scheduled meetings.

2) Monitor progress toward completion of the EMP.

3) Facilitate and/or coordinate activities and information gathering. Act as expert guide to appropriate data.

4) Assist in communicating to the campus community and community at large.

5) Assist in review of existing facilities plan, technology plan, and strategic plan.

6) Facilitate communication sessions for college community, Board of Trustees, and community members.

7) Facilitate forums or surveys and encourage attendance of constituent group members.

8) Seek input from internal and external constituent groups and provide feedback to writing team.

9) Review drafts of the EMP with constituent groups and individually.


Coordinating Committee Membership

Name Title Department/Committee/Function
Dr. Ronald Kraft President President's Office
Ms. Sue Nelson Vice President Instruction
Mr. Oscar DeHaro Vice President Student Services
Ms. Lissa Gibbs Executive Director Foundation
Ms. Ann Gross President Academic Senate
Ms. Valerie Exum President Classified Senate
Ms. Jena Goodman President Associated Students of Napa Valley College
Mr. Ken Arnold President Administrative Senate
Ms. Faye Smyle Dean Instruction
Mr. Greg Miraglia Dean Career Technical Education
Mr. Robert Butler Dean Institutional Technology
Mr. Matt Christensen Director Facilities Services
Dr. Robyn Wornall Director Institutional Research
Ms. Stephanie Grohs Chair Academic Standards & Practices Committee
Ms. Amanda Badgett Chair Curriculum Committee
Ms. Maria Biddenback Co-Chair Planning Committee
Ms. Cathy Gillis Co-Chair Distance Education Committee
TBD Career Technical Education Division
TBD Counseling Division