Bias Incident Response Team (B.I.R.T.)

Safe Space Locations

Safe Space locations can be readily identified by the display of the Space Space Program logo.  This logo signifies that the individual or group of staff in an office have completed the Space Space Program training for allies.

Napa Valley College is committed to created a safe space for all students in all corners of the campus.  As a campus community, we welcome everyone.  Safe Space Program allies are particularly prepared to support LGBT students.  We invite you to engage with us and allow us the opportunity to support you.


Individual Allies Campus Location  
Jessica Amato Social Sciences
Steve Balassi Social Sciences
Lori Barron Writing Center
Melissa Bartholomew Physical Education
Kalen Brinkman Office of Instruction
Michelle Bullock Human Resources Department
Michelle Burhorn Child Development Center
Shawna Bynum Math Department
Loretta Car Writing Center  
Dianna Chiabotti Child Family Studies  
Anne Cook Math Department
Mark Covington Criminal Justice Training Center
Maureen Dolan Writing Center
Jeremy Ecklin Testing and Tutoring Center
Laura Ecklin Human Resources Department
Susan Engle Health Occupations
Cathy Gillis Language and Developmental Studies
Liz Gomez Human Resources Department
Rebecca Gonzalez Human Resources Department
Roberto Gonzalez Music Department
Fain Hancock Art Department
Jeanine Hawk Administrative Services
Stacy Hitchcock Criminal Justice Training Center
Maricel Ignacio Financial Aid  
Kristie Iwamoto Language and Developmental Studies  
Kelly McCann Physical Education
Jim McGowan Social Sciences
Chris Mercer Social Sciences
Greg Miraglia Criminal Justice Training Center  
Lynda Monger Counseling Department
Leticia Naranjo Admissions and Records
Martha Navarro Student Services
Benjamin Quesada Student Services ASNVC
Christina Rivera Office of Instruction
Cari Roughley Office of Instruction
Jolie SanClair Counseling  
Jan Schardt Library and Learning Resource Center
Faye Smyle Office of Instruction
Destinee Souza Testing and Tutoring Center
Annie Takeoka Human Resources Department
Karen Taylor Office of the President
Vicki Tevlin Office of Instruction
Vicky Tharp Writing Center
Melinda Tran Counseling Department
Jennifer Tronstad Learning Services
Cristine Vasquez Office of Instruction
Monique Villagran Child Development Center
Trisha Vinatiera Social Sciences
Nadine Wade-Gravett Physical Education  
Judi Watkins Upper Valley Campus  
Office Allies Campus Location  
Associated Student Body Student Services Buildling
Office of Human Resources Administration Building
Office of Instruction Administration Buildling  
Writing Center 800 Building