Bias Incident Response Team (B.I.R.T.)

Available Training Presentations

One of the roles of the Bias Incident Response Team is to provide education and awareness for the campus about hate crimes and bias incidents with the goal of preventing such incidents from happening.  Each team member has been trained to present the courses listed on this page.  These presentations are available for classes, club meetings, and staff meetings. 

Have idea for a program not listed here?  Use the link on this page to submit your ideas and needs for a specialized presentation.  If the needs are within the role and expertise of the Bias Incident Response Team, we will be happy to help.

Training Programs Currently Available

The following programs are available for presentations between 1.5 and 3 hours.

Understanding Hate Crime Issues - This presentation includes an explanation of the differences between a "bias incident" and a "hate crime" as well as an explanation of current hate crime laws in California.  Participants will apply what they have learned in a series of brief scenarios.

Identifying And Reporting Hate Crimes - We will discuss how to identify bias incidents and hate crimes by applying a series of bias indicators to scenarios.  We will explain campus procedures and protocols for reporting bias incidents and hate crimes.

The Attraction Of Hate - In this presentation, we will discuss how people "learn to hate" and what motivates a hate crime offender.  We will examine examples of formalized hate groups in California and within the local area.

Journey - This is a more general program that incorporates a showing of the documentary, "Journey to a Hate Free Millennium" and includes a discussion of three major hate crimes in the United States (the murder of James Byrd Jr., Matthew Shepard, and the members of Columbine High School). 

Interested In Scheduling A Presentation?

Please email and describe the training program you are interested in having.  Please provide potential dates and times for the presentation.