Information For LGBT Students And Staff

Rainbow Colored Stick FiguresNapa Valley College is fully committed to creating a safe and inclusive space for all students to learn and for all staff to work.  We recognize that there are many different identities on our campus and many different ways in which these identities intersect.  Sexual orientation and gender identity are two aspects of identity that are often not visible and are aspects of identity that individuals may not feel comfortable disclosing.

Our college community has taken many steps to support LGBT students and staff that you should know about.  We are proud to have earned 4 stars out of 5 on the Campus Pride Campus Climate Index, a national index of measures for how colleges and universities support LGBT students and staff.

The purpose of this page is to inform you of the services and facilities that are available on campus that directly support and relate to students and staff identifying as part of the LGBT community.  These initiatives have been selected and implemented based on best practices used at colleges and universities around the country.  We are committed to continous improvement and will always consider new ways of better supporting all students and staff.

Bullying Policy

Napa Valley College has a "zero tolerance" policy for any kind of bullying, intimidation, or discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression.  These prohibitions are detailed in Section II (f) and (g) of the Student Code of Conduct and Napa Valley College Board Policy.  Click Here To Read The Student Code of Conduct.

Demographic Surveys

Periodically, the college surveys students to determine various aspects of their identities.  You may see questions asking you to identify your sexual orientation and gender identity on forms such as the College Application For Addmission, climate surveys, and employment application.  This information is always kept confidential and is used to help us determine the best services and programs to offer LGBT students.  We recognize that many students are not ready to disclose this information and so these questions will always be optional, but we strongly encourage you to let us know you are on campus by providing this information so that we can best serve you.

Gender Neutral Restrooms

There are four sets of gender-neutral restroom facilities on campus.  These are single-use restrooms open to all students and staff.  You will find them in the Performing Arts Center (building 100), the lower floor of the Gynmasium (building 600), the upper floor of the Library (building 1700), and in the Ceramics Building (building 3500).

Health Center

Our Health Center, located in building 2250, offers a wide range of services for students including STI and HIV testing and mental health counseling.  The Health Center staff are trained and ready to serve LGBT students.

LGBT Book Collection

Napa Valley College is proud to host the largest LGBT book collection in Napa County.  The collection is available directly to students in the McCarthy Library (building 1700).  The collection includes over 400 titles relating to a wide variety of LGBT topics.

LGBT Studies Program

Napa Valley College offers an accredited LGBT Studies Certificate Program.  This 18-unit program of study offers students a wide range of elective courses on LGBT specific topics.  Click Here To Learn More About The LGBT Studies Program.

Queer Student Alliance (QSA)

The Associated Students of Napa Valley College support the Queer Student Alliance organization.  This student club typically meets weekly and offers LGBT students and allies the opportunity to network, discuss issues, and to participate in a variety of social and educational events produced and supported by the club.  New members are always welcome.  Click Here To Learn More About The QSA.

Safety Space Program

The Safe Space Program provides training to Napa Valley College staff and students on how to best support LGBT people.  It includes a 2-hour training program and signage that can be displayed in offices, work areas, and classroom spaces.  LGBT students who are looking for supportive staff and faculty who have received specialized training should look for the Safe Space signage.  Click Here To Learn More About The Safe Space Program.

Campus LGBT Advocate

If you are a member of the LGBT community or an ally who would like to know more about how Napa Valley College supports LGBT students and staff or if you have a concern or challenge and don't know where to go, please contact our Campus LGBT Advocate for assistance.

Greg Miraglia