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Educational Master Plan: Institutional Projections, Trends, and  Analysis - click Here To access the 12/20/13 EMP 


About the EMP:

Napa Valley College, now in its 72nd year, developed a new, fully integrated and comprehensive Educational Master Plan in 2013. The EMP will be used to guide strategic intitutional planning and the disposition of physical resources through 2023.

Educational master planning is a process by which Napa Valley College examined all elements of the instititution and envisioned its future as directed by the mission statement. The needs of the community (its people and businesses) were  evaluated and findings incorporated into the master plan. The Educational Master Plan provides a foundation for informing potential change to instructional programs, facilities, student services, technology, auxiliary services, and staffing. The plan provides a basis for integrated planning and future development of institutional goals and objectives.

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