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Biol 220

Lecture Handouts

M220 Lecture 1

M220 Lecture 2

M220 Lecture 3

Pure Culture Technique Utilizing Serial Dilutions and Tyndallization

M220 Lecture 4

M220 Lecture 5

M220 Lecture 6

M220 Lecture 7

M220 Lecture 8

M220 Lecture 9

M220 Lecture 10

Energy Formula

M220 Lecture 11

M220 Lecture 12

M220 Lecture 13

M220 Lecture 14

M220 Lecture 15

M220 Lecture 16

M220 Lecture 17

M220 Lecture 18

Asexual spore types

Systemic Mycoses

Sexual spore types

M220 Lecture 19

M220 Lecture 20

M220 Lecture 21

LD 50 and HA Titer

M220 Lecture 22

M220 Lecture 23

M220 Lecture 24

M220 Lecture 25

Medical Parasitology Handout

M220 Lecture 26

M220 Lecture 27

Antimicrobial Agents Handout (Lecture Unit 4)

Antibiotic Handout (Lecture Unit 4)

M220 Lecture 28

Virulence Handout (Lecture Unit 4)

M220 Lecture 29

M220 Lecture 30

M220 Lecture 31

Classes of Antibodies and T Lymphocytes Handout

M220 Lecture 32


Laboratory Handouts and Images

Lab 1


Food Preparation Etiologic Agents

Gram Stain Procedure

Acid Fast Stain Procedure

Cell Wall Stain Procedure

Capsule Stain Procedure

Examining Cultural Characteristics

Cultural Characteristics Result Sheet

Biochemical Media

Molecular Biology Film Notes

Body Snatcher 1 - Film Notes

Bacillus megaterium (400X)-wet mount

Saccharomyces cerevisiae (400X)-wet mount

Aspergillus niger (100X)-wet mount

Aspergillus niger (400X)-wet mount

Chlorella spp. (400X)-wet mount

Bacillus subtilis (simple stain-TCV)

Staphylococcus aureus (simple stain-TCV)

Streptococcus faecalis (simple stain-TCV)

Sarcina lutea (simple stain-TCV) 

Bacillus subtilis (negative stain)

Staphylococcus aureus (negative stain)

Streptococcus faecalis (negative stain) 

Sarcina lutea (negative stain)

Neisseria sicca - Gram Stain

Sarcina lutea - Gram Stain

Proteus vulgaris - Gram Stain

Micrococcus luteus - Gram Stain

Bacillus cereus - Gram Stain

Escherichia coli - Gram Stain

Pseudomonas fluorescens - Gram Stain

Streptococcus faecalis - Gram Stain

Escherichia coli - Cell Wall Stain

Bacillus cereus - Cell Wall Stain

Flavobacterium capsulatum - Gram Stain

Bacillus cereus variety mycoides - Gram Stain

Enterobacter aerogenes - Gram Stain

Streptomyces albus - Gram Stain

Salmonella anatum - Gram Stain 

Bacillus subtilis - Gram Stain

 Shigella sonnei - Gram Stain 

 Alcaligenes viscolactis - Gram Stain

Proteus mirabilis - Gram Stain

Mycobacterium phlei - Gram Stain

 Mycobacterium smegmatis - Gram Stain

Staphylococcus aureus - Gram Stain

 Flavobacterium capsulatum (Capsule Stain)