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Math 106

Welcome to our Class Webpage for Math 106 FALL 2013

Tests are graded, please take a look.

The last day to take the re-take exam one is Tuesday, September 24th.

Welcome (again) to Math 106

I am Andrew Duncan, your new instructor.

Class notes are available here.

Applied Tutoring
Wednesdays 5:00 - 6:20 and
Thursday 12-1:20 
in the Testing and Tutoring Center

Here is the link for the free Wolfram CDF player that you'll need to access the ifigs in our MML Homework this semester:


Important Links

Final Grades

Web pages about chaos (composing functions with themselves).

YouTube lecture about necklace coloring and music.

Web page for doing Gaussian Elimination. (Solving simultaneous linear equations!)

Sample test for Chapters 11 and 12.


Calculator Handouts

Part 1 Class Work and Handouts (chapters 1-3)

Part 2 Class Work and Handouts (chapter 4)

Part 3 Class Work and Handouts (chapter 5)

Part 4 Class Work and Handouts (chapters 11 and 12)


Important Dates

Unless otherwise noted, all MML assignments are due at 9 am before class of the day listed, and classwork is due right at 9:30 at the start of class.

From now on, see MML for HW due dates!

Friday, September 6th:  Last Day to Drop without a W

Monday, September 11th 11:59 pm:  Online portion of Test 1 due

Tuesday, September 12th:  Test 1  - don't forget your HW NB 

Wednesday, October 2nd 11:59 pm:  Online portion of Test 2 due

Thursday, October 3rd:  Test 2  - don't forget your HW NB 

Wednesday, October 30th 11:59 pm:  Online portion of Test 3 due

Thursday, October 31st:  Test 3  - don't forget your HW NB 

Friday, November 15th: Last Day to Drop

Thursday, November 28th and Friday, November 29th:  No School - Thanksgiving Break

Wednesday, December 4th 11:59 pm:  Online portion of Test 4 due

Thursday, December 5th:  Test 4  - don't forget your HW NB

Sunday, December 8th:  Last day to turn in any late work for credit (class work and HW NBs must be brought to office hours before this date)

Tuesday, December 17th:  Online portion of Final Exam due

Thursday, December 19th:  Final Exam  starting at 8:00  


MyMathLab (if you already have an account)

Math Department

Math Success Center (MSC)
MSC Hours

Fall 2013 Office Hours
Tuesdays and Thursdays:
9:00- 9:30 and 11:00-12:30

Fridays:  11:00 - 12:00 

Pooled Office Hours

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Andrew Duncan
Office: 1031-K
Office Phone: 253-3159
Fax: 253-3018


Before you start working in this class you must register for MyMathLab.

Click here and follow the on screen directions. (opens in a new window)

You will need our
course ID: bynum33953

MyMathLab Tech Support:

If you're having trouble with the ifig in the Homework, try this link for the browser check:
It should tell you what programs you're missing and how to get them