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A New Way to Learn

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     Seminars may be a new way of learning for you. Webster defines seminar as "a group of students studying under a professor with each doing original research and all exchanging results through reports and discussions." The important words in this definition are original, exchanging, reports, and discussions.
Every Thursday from 1000-1200 you will be in small seminar groups to share your input about the chosen topic. This is your opportunity to teach and learn with your fellow students. This means you will be expected to actively participate at each session.    

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     In order to be successful with learning through seminars, you must be prepared. Remember the key concepts of original and discussion. This requires that you read the required reading ahead of time, can describe the content in your own words and come prepared with your own ideas and questions to clarify your understanding. The focus of the seminar may either expand on formal classroom topics or introduce new topics.  The calendar in your syllabus lists the topic for each seminar session. The seminars can be downloaded here:

NURS 141 Seminars:

Student Roles/Responsibilities


Interview Skills/Process Recording

Critical Thinking Exercises

Documentation/Care Plan Exercises

Critical Thinking/Pharmacology issues

Decision-making/Fluids & Lytes

Pain Management issues

Ethical issues/Death & Dying

Decision-making/Ethical issues

 NURS 142 Seminars:


Cardiovascular Case Study


 Arthritis Effects of Chronicity

Critical Thinking Skills

Care Planning - Patient with Diabetes

Pediatric Presentation


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     During the seminar be sure to take notes and asks questions. The discussions will give you the opportunity to contribute your own way of thinking about a concept. It is the time to question what may be unclear to you.
After the seminar, be sure to review your notes - this will help you learn the content covered and - who knows - maybe to answer a test question!