ADN Orientation

Getting Started

Welcome to the Class of 2012-2014!!


The following checklist will help you meet the requirements and give you needed information for starting the Associate Degree Nursing (ADN) program at Napa Valley College. Print out this list and check each item off as it is completed. This will help you keep on track. We want you to be successful in your tranisition into our program.  The blue colored text will take you to a new page for additional information .

You will need computer access and a printer to complete these requirements and print out documents throughout the ADN Program. 

Note: Please submit all information listed below as a packet by the August 7th 2012 to:

Marijean Felardo
Health Occupations Room 814

Napa Valley College
2277 Napa-Vallejo Hwy
Napa, CA 94558


Please make sure your email is correct on WebAdvisor. Contact Margarita Ceja at if information needs to be updated.

1. Schedule an appointment for a physical examination and immunizations/titers immediately. This exam must be completed within 3 months prior to starting the nursing program. All the forms you need are included in the Immunization Packet, including FAQ. Mail completed physical, accurate and clearly recorded immunization record, and physician/agency copies of the immunization/titer records to Marijean Felardo, at the address above. Review forms to make sure they are complete.

2. If your physical exam identifies a physical limitation or disability that could affect your ability to practice nursing, make an appointment with the ADN Director  

3. Complete a Basic Life Support (BLS) class. It must be an American Heart Association Healthcare Provider Course . Make a copy of both sides of your  CPR card and include it in your packet to be mailed to Marijean Felardo. 
4. All students are required to complete a background check and a drugscreen. The instructions will be posted on the ADN Home page under tab "current students".
5. We will give you information about purchasing uniforms, shoes, and supplies for the program during the first week of school. I am planning to have Quinns uniforms come to the campus so that students can try on for size and order if desired. Please wait to make your purchases. This is a link for your preview. Information about uniforms.

6. Textbooks will be available (as a bundle) to purchase in the NVC bookstore. Refer to syllabus for required and recommended textbooks. Starting Fall 2012 we will also be offering e-books which can be purchased through our bookstore.


7. Download and read the 2012-2014 ADN Student Handbook under "current students" tab . Print outand sign the appropriate pages from Appendix B to be submitted to instructor on the first day of class.  The handbook 2012-2014 will be available this summer.

8. Follow the instructions on the Napa Valley College registration form to register for NURS 141 & 142.  There will be a skills lab kit order form on the ADN Homepage (This form will be available this summer).  

9. All ADN students must meet with a counselor to develop an educational plan. Make an appointment during the first semester with the counseling department.  
10. Print out a copy of the Fall 2012 N141 syllabus. Bring syllabus and the handout labled Orientation(powerpoint) on the the first day of class. Please refer to the N141 syllabus for the calendar that lists all class days and times.