Frequently Asked Questions


How do I find a schedule for classes, tests, and clinical dates ? 

Your syllabus for NURS 141 and NURS 142 contains a calendar that shows scheduled classes and the content to be covered each day, as well as test dates and clinical dates. You can use this calendar to plan and organize you time for study. Occasionally a scheduled class or clinical date may change. Your instructors will make every effort to give you advance notice when this occurs. 

How much time will I have to commit to the program ?

You will find that the nursing program requires a high commitment of your time. You will be attending class every Monday from 1300 to 1650 and Thursday from 0800 to 1200 in the first semester. You will be in clinical - either in the campus lab or at a clinical agency site - every Tuesday and Wednesday for 6 hours each day. In NURS 141, the first six weeks of clinical is spent in the campus lab learning and practicing nursing skills from 0650 to 1300. Times for clinical sites many vary depending on the site. When you begin going to the clinical site for hands-on experiences you will be required to "prep" the day before. For example: this means going to the site on Monday sometime before class, filling out data on your assigned patient and returning to complete the Care Plan forms. Beginning students may need as much as three to four hours to prepare. Remember you will also need to plan time to study and review for tests and to practice nursing skills in the lab. This is why you want to start planning ahead and preparing your family, friends, and significant others for a big change in your life for the next two years.

How do I learn clinical nursing skills ? 

Students in Nursing LabIn NURS 141, the first six weeks of clinical is spent in the campus skills lab learning and practicing nursing skills from 0650 to 1300. Your Potter & Perry Fundamentals of Nursing text, the Elkin, Nursing Interventions and Clinical Skills book, and the Mosby Nursing Skills DVD's supply skill performance pictures and descriptions. You will need to schedule individual or group practice time during open lab hours. When you have demonstrated successful performance of the skills, you will be allowed to apply them at the clinical sites. The key to success is Practice, Practice, and more Practice! 

Will I be expected to travel off campus? 

students in a variety of clinical settingsDefinitely! Two days a week you will be traveling to various clinical sites to apply your new knowledge and skills. Experiences will be in a variety of agencies within the community such as acute care hospitals, clinics, schools,  retirement centers, convalescent centers, etc. This is why you will need reliable transportation. Many of our students arrange to car pool when they are assigned to the same clinical groups.

What is a clinical group ? 

Although you will be in the classroom setting and scheduled lab dates together as a class, you will be randomly assigned to a smaller group of 10 students for your clinical experiences. Each clinical group will have a clinical instructor who will be with you at your clinical site. Your clinical instructor will facilitate your learning and evaluate your clinical performance. The evaluation tool for clinical performance can be located in your course syllabus.

What if I miss a clinical day ?    

Absences from clinical days must be made up. This  means you will have an experience assigned by your clinical instructor that meets the objectives for the course and usually is scheduled for the one day you are not already pre-scheduled for class or clinical.

When do I start NURS 142? 

 NURS 142 begins in the 13th week of th

 e semester after you have successfully passed NURS 141 with a C grade or better, a satisfactory in clinical, and passed the Fundamentals in Nursing standardized comprehensive test which is explained in your NURS 141 syllabus.

Where can I get my physical exam and immunizations?   

You may get your physical and/or immunizations from your own physician. If you choose, you may also use our campus Student Health Center .  You can access the cost and services provided by our Student Health Center.  

What is Evolve Reach HESI? 

 HESI is a packaged program that  prepares you to succeed in passing the NCLEX exam for licensure as well as providing learning and review material for the nursing courses. The Fundamentals of Nursing specialty exam provides online proctored testing and measures your ability to apply concepts related to Fundamentals of Nursing. Your NURS 141 syllabus and the nursing student handbook provide information regarding passing criteria.



Where can I get my CPR card?   

Napa Valley College is an American Heart Association (AHA) ceritified Training Center.  We provide Basic Life Support (BLS) for Healthcare Providers.         707-945-0323.

students performing CPR


 What if I don't order the bundled package of textbooks?

You would miss the opportunity for a discounted rate. Also included with the bundle, is a packet with a code required for accessing the Fundamentals online resources, and offers Nursing Skills online which accompanies your Fundamentals of Nursing Textbook.  These should not be purchased separately. Remember that there are additional required textbooks that are not "bundled" and must be bought separately - these are printed in black font on the Textbook site page. New for Fall 2012 we will also be offering the "bundled" textbooks in e-book form, that can be purchased through our Napa Valley College bookstore.