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  ARTS 110: Fundamentals of Drawing

Welcome to the homepage for my introductory drawing course. This page contains links to your courses syllabus, schedule of assignments, quizzes, materials lists, and everything else you will need for this course.  

This course focuses on the development of observational skills and drawing techniques, employing a wide range of drawing media including charcoal, graphite, conte, and ink.  Students in this course will develop both technical abilities and creative responses to material and subject matter. No prior experience with drawing is required or expected.

Additionally, students will learn how to critique drawings and receive criticism and advice from fellow students and the instructor.  Learning to articulate artistic concepts and processes using discipline-specific vocabulary is a fundamental part of arts education.  This course will focus heavily on this practice. 

Course Student Learning Outcomes ~ Students sucessfully completing this course should be able to:

    • Produce finished drawings in multiple media that synthesize core observational drawing concepts and techniques. 
    • Evaluate and critique drawings and receive criticism from others

Zak Smith: "You are the traveler's aid..." from series based on Thomas Pynchon's novel "Gravity's Rainbow"

Fall Class 2011: ARTS 110 ~ Fundamentals of Drawing

Course meets: Monday / Wednesday 9:30 - 12:20

Please remember that class starts promptly at 9:30 AM with instruction. The course syllabus, materials list, and schedule of assingments are available the right side of this page.  I have also provided a link to my blog with video content that supplements some of my in class instructions and demonstrations.   

William Kentridge
Drawing still from "Weighing and Wanting"
Charcoal and pastel on paper