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BIOL 219 Human Physiology

Welcome to Dr. Clemens's Human Physiology course web page.
Documents and other resources provided through this web site are intended for use by NVC students enrolled in Biology 219.

Announcements (updated 9/10/14)  
For lab on Tuesday, 9/16, read the introduction and procedures for Exercise 7 and prepare a flow chart to be checked off in lab.
Lecture Exam 1 will be on Thursday, 9/18 at 1:30.  The lecture exam will be given during the lab period and there will be no lecture that day.

  Biology 219 Syllabus - Fall 2014

Lecture Outlines - Unit 1           
  01 Introduction
  02 Chemistry
  03 Biomolecules
  04 Cells and Tissues 
  05 Energy and Enzymes 
  06 Metabolism 
  07 Protein Synthesis 
  08 Transport

Lecture Outlines Folder 
Study Questions Folder 

Homework Exercises
  Problem Set 2      Problem Set 2 Key 
  Problem Set 1      Problem Set 1 Key
  Key to Biomolecules Lab Exercise 3

Lab Resources
  Solutions reading assignment
Assignment Pages
  Graph Paper
  Histology Image Library 

Human Physiology Student Learning Outcomes
1. Demonstrate an understanding of fundamental physiological processes and mechanisms. 
2. Critically evaluate physiological function in normal and disease states.
3. Perform basic physiological measurements and analyze physiological data quantitatively.






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