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A Really Good Nutrition Analysis Template is Ova Achiva

A Revised Grade Status will be available with Exam scores. Late and re-do assignments will be included...this Friday, we hope!!! Grading and grading.....things that take time, take time, little children! See Patience and Wisdom.

MY Students will produce high quality, professional-level work, even if it kills me, or worse!, they have to re-do and re-submit their assignments, more than once!

                                 Immediate Itinerary
FRIDAY 140418
8:05 Campus Opens
8:10 AM Computer Lab Opens
9:00 AM Grade process....a sample of grades to date...
9:15 AM Respiratory System
10:15 AM Break
10:35 AM Urinary System
11:50 AM Break
11:55 AM 55244 Discussion and vote: Optional Itinerary....Easter Weekend.....who wants to leave early???????? There is NO such thing as Free Time!!!! Free Time always$ has a co$t!!!!
1:00 PM L 9 PLM Urinalysis SL...We all hope U can P, more than once!
2:00 PM Urinalysis Analysis CL
2:30 PM Review L7
3:00 PM Review L8
3:45 CL Closes
3:55 Campus Closes

First things first: Course Overview, Calendar, Laboratory Safety and Study Practice documents below. Read them! Follow directions for submitting them.

Text: Essentials or Fundamentals of Anatomy & Physiology, Martini 5, 6, 7 or 8 th Edition are OK. 6th Edition of Essentials and 8th edition of Fundamentals include CD Interactive Learning and On-line Access to Practice Exams, Practice Anatomy and other on line study tools. The 8th edition of Fundamentals expands the same subject matter to 29 Chapters.
Current  On Line Course ID is MAPRIDDELL28785 at

Always: Download all files to your work station, Lap Top, Smart Phone, Tablet or Workstation, etc. Open the files there, and change the file name to include your own name and a current date.


Good Study Practices 

Course Overview

Laboratory Safety Policy 

Course Syllabus / Calendar

 Grade Status 

Lecture Slides 8th Edition

 Ch 1  Intro  Ch 2  Chem  Ch 3 Cell  Ch 4  Histo

 Ch 5  Skin

 Ch 6 Bone  Ch 7 AX Skel  Ch 8 APP Skel  Ch 9 Artic Skel  Ch 10 Muscle
 Ch11 Muscle System  Ch 12 Neurons  Ch 13 Spinal NS  Ch 14 Brain  Ch 15 SNS
 Ch 16 ANS  Ch 17 Spec NS  Ch 18 Endocrine  Ch 19 Blood  Ch 20 Heart
 Ch 21 Vessels  Ch 22 Lymph  Ch 23 Resp  Ch 24 Digest  Ch 25 Metab
 Ch 26 Urinary  Ch 27 Fluid, Ions, pH  Ch 28  Repro  Ch 29  Dev  Ch25 Supp Infect. Dis.
Ch Supp21 DNA

Practice Exams 5th and previous editions

    Ch1 Ch2 Ch3  Ch4 Ch5    
Ch6 Ch7 Ch8 Ch9 Ch10
Ch11 Ch12 Ch13 Ch14 Ch15
Ch16 Ch17 Ch18 Ch19 Ch20
Ch 21 Supp DNA Ch 25 Supp Disease MTX 1 Example MTX 2 Example MLX 1 Example

  QZM 6

Laboratory Reports

LX Laboratory Report Blank Template

L1 Cell Dvision and Reproductive System Histology Survey
L1 Mitosis vs. Meiosis and Gametogenesis Lab Report

L2 PLM Genetic Profile Data
L2 PLM Genetic Profile Example 1
L2 PLM Genetic Profile Example 2
L2 PLM Genetic Profile Example 3
L2 PLM Genetic Profile Example 4 

L3 Histology Compendium...revised
Histology Compendium Great Example

L5 Muscle Fatigue and Heart Rate Data with Correlations
L5 Muscle Fatigue and Heart Rate Minimal Example
L5 Muscle Fatigue and Heart Rate Good Example

 Lab Quiz Skeleton Check List

L4 PLM CV Stress Data Revised
L4 PLM CV Stress Report Minimal Example
L4 PLM CV Stress Report Good Example
L4  Blood Typing

Go to Click Super Tracker
L6 PLM Nutrition Analysis Really Good Template
L6 PLM Nutrition Analysis Really Good
L6 PLM BMI Indices 

L9 pH Data....Eliminated from this semester
L9 pH Example...Eliminated from this semester

L7 Endocrine Compendium
 L7 Endocrine Compendium Example

L8 Endocrine Homeostasis  - Glucose

L9 Urinalysis
 PDF Compendium- Background / Research

L DSXN Click here for Fetal Pig Dissection Detailed Directions and Click below for Photo Guides.

 1 CV  2 Digestive  3 Endo  4 Viscera      
 5 Repro  6 Resp  7 Urin

Pig Dissection Videos

L10 Gene Frequency Data
L10 Gene Frequency Example

L 11 Natural Selection Data with Example Graphs
L 11 Natural Selection Example
L 11 Natural Selection Example DOC

PI GF vs NS Template
P1 GF vs NS Example
Presentation Guidelines

PF1 Portfolio Guidelines XC 50 Points


Catch A Wave to Other Sites




Essentials. of A&P Martini 5e

Patience and Wisdom

Compute Anything

Google Docs

Make a PDF Easily

Copy Paste

 Learn Everthing


 Life of a Cell

Cell Respiration


Cell Metabolism

 LLRC Research Resources

Swine Flu - Direct Transmission

The Female Brain

 The Male Brain - Why women live longer

Experience is not what happens to you; it's what you do with what happens to you.
Aldous Huxley


 Physician Salaries by Specialty

   What you Believe 
+ What you Think
+  What you Speak
What you Do

Little minds talk about people, while average minds talk about events, but
Great Minds discuss Ideas!  Eleanor Roosevelt

It ain't what you don't know that gets you into trouble. It's what you know for sure that just ain't so.
Mark Twain

Learning is the only thing the mind never exhausts, never fears, and never regrets.
 Leonardo da Vinci

 The advantage of knowledge is this...Wisdom preserves the lives of those who have it.
King Solomon