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Biol 105 Human Biology

Syllabus Spring 2014

Spring 2014 Grades Tuesday Lab Section
Spring 2014 Grades Thursday Lab Section

Human Biology Student learning Outcomes:
1. Demonstrate a fundamental understanding of the anatomy and physiology of the major organ systems in humans.
2. Apply the principles of inquiry-based scientific method to the writing of a formal laboratory report.

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Power Point Handouts
 Unit 1  Unit 2  Unit 3         Unit 4  
 Intro & Sci Method  Cells  Skeletal   Blood
  Chemistry  DNA & Protein  Nervous1   Cardiovascular
 Bio Molecules  Cell Respir.  Nervous2  Immune Disease 
  Tissue Body Org & Skin  Nervous3  Respiratory
   Muscular  Digestive
     Endocrine  Urinary

Audio of Lecture    
 Unit 1  Unit 2    Unit 3    Unit 4   
 Jan 23 (no recording)  Feb 13  Mar 18 none  Apr 17
 Jan 27 Lab  Feb 18-Exam  Mar 20-Exam   Apr 22-Exam
 Jan 30   Lab  Feb 20  Apr 1  Apr 24
  Feb 4  Feb 25  Apr 3  Apr 29
  Feb 6  Feb 27  Apr 8  May 1
  Feb 11  Mar 4 no audio  Apr 10  May 6
   Mar 6  Apr 15  May 8


 Mar 11

   May 13
 Mar 13 May 15
    May 20
May 22-Exam

Lab Handouts  
Impt Concepts for lab Exams Cell Division 
Microscope Mitosis Slides
Measurements Mitosis Models
Bio Molecules Genetics
Cells Cell Slides Blood Cells Cardio Handout 1
Tissues  Tissue Slides Cardio Handout 2
Skeletal Skeletal (Large Picts) Sheep Heart Dissection Video
Pig Dissection Blood Slides

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Greetings Human Bio Students!

The 3rd lecture exam will be on April 24th.  I will be lecturing on the Endocrine system this week in lab and this material will be on the next exam.

Mastering Biology has been set up.  I have set enrollment to 'Open' so you should be able to sign up.  the Course ID Number is: MBMOORE79963

Anyone interested in being a Note-taker for this class, please contact Beverly Wirtz in the Special Services office.  Her phone # is: 253-3082.

Dr. Moore

Mitosis YouTube Video
Meiosis YouTube Video

Chemistry/Metrics HW