Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Studies

The purpose of this guide is to lead the beginning researcher to the most important and useful sources in the Reference Collection and online for the study of lesbian, gay, bisexual and trangender studies. The list of sources is not exhaustive; please consult with a Reference Librarian for additional suggestions. 

Special note:  The McCarthy Library is pleased to announce a special LGBT collection donated by the North Bay Chapter of PFLAG.  This collection is located in the Reference section at the end of the R900 section.  Book call numbers all begin with "LGBT".



Completely Queer: The Gay and Lesbian Encyclopedia. Steve Hogan and Lee Hudson. 1998.
Call No.: REF 305.9 Completely.


The Alyson Almanac: The Fact Book of the Lesbian and Gay Community. 1994-95. Call No.: REF 305.90664.

Gay & Lesbian Almanac. Neil Schlager, editor. 1998. Call No.: REF 305.9066409.


Becoming a Woman:  A Biography of Christine Jorgensen.  Richard F. Docter. 2008.  Call No.: 306.768092 Docter.

Gay & Lesbian Biography.  1997.  Call No.: REF 305.9660922 Gay.


Can Homophobia Be Cured?  Wrestling with Questions that Challenge the Church.  Bruce Hilton.  1992.  Call No: LGBT 261.835766 Hilton.  Library Use Only.

Free Your Mind:  The book for Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Youth and their Allies.  Ellen Bass and Kate Kaufman.  1996.  LGBT 305.235 Bass.

Lesbian and Gay Voices:  An Annotated Bibliography and Guide to Literature for Children and Adults.  Frances Ann Day.  2000.  LGBT 016.8106 Day.  Library Use Only.

Love, Ellen:  A Mother/Daughter Journey.  Betty DeGeneres. 1999. Call No.: LGVT 929.2 DeGeneres.

The Gay Decades:  From Stonewall to the Present.  Leigh W. Rutledge. 1992.  Call No.: REF 305.90664.

Queer Religion:  Homosexuality in Modern Religious History.  Donald L. Boisvert and Jay Emerson Johnson, eds.
2012.  Call No.: REF 200.8665 v1-2.

Stranger at the Gate:  To be Gay and Christian in America.  Mel White.  1994.  Call No:  LGBT 261.835766 White.

Thou Shalt Not Love:  What Evangelicals Really Say to Gays.  Patrick M. Chapman, PhD.  2008.  Call No.: LGBT 220.8306766 Chapman.  Library Use Only.


The Praeger Handbook of Transsexuality:  Changing Gender to Match Mindset.  Rachel Ann Heath.  2006.  Call No.: 306.768 Heath.

Circulating Non-Fiction

Bi America:  Myths, Truths and Struggles of an Invisible Community.  William E. Burleson.  2005.  Call No.: 306.765 Burleson.

Born Gay:  The Psychobiology of Sex Orientation.  Glenn Wilson and Qazi Rahman.  2008.  Call No.: 306.76 Wilson.

City of Friends:  A Portrait of the Gay and Lesbian Community in America.  Simon LeVay and Elisabeth Nonas.  Call No.: 306.760973 LeVay.

Closer to Home:  Bisexuality and Feminism.  Elizabeth Reba Weise, editor.  1992.  Call No.: 306.765 Closer.

Come Out Fighting:  A Century of Essential Writing on Gay & Lesbian Liberation.  Chris Bull, editor.  2001.  Call No.: 306.766 Come.

Different Daughters:  A History of the Daughters of Bilitis and the Rise of the Lesbian Rights Movement.  Marcia M. Gallo.  2006.  Call No.: 306.7663 Gallo.

Drifting Toward Love:  Black, Brown, Gay and Coming of Age on the Streets of New York.  Kai Wright.  2008.  Call No.: 306.76 Wilson.

Family Outing.  Chastity Bono.  1998.  Call No.: LGBT 306.766 Bono.

Gay L.A.:  A History of Sexual Outlaws, Power Politics and Lipstick Lesbians.  Lillian Faderman and Stuart Timmons.  2006.  Call No.: 306.766 Faderman.

Gay Life and Culture:  A World History.  Robert Aldrich, editor.  2009.  Call No.: 306.766 Gay.

How Homophobia Hurts Children:  Nurturing Diversity at Home, at School and in the Community.  Jean M. Baker, PhD.  2002.  Call No.: 306.766 Baker.

The Invention of Heterosexuality.  Jonathan Ned Katz.  1995.  Call No.: 306.764 Katz.

Lesbians at Midlife:  The Creative Transition.  Barbara Sang, Joyce Warshow and Adrienne J. Smith, editors.  1991.  Call No.: 306.7663 Lesbians.

Long Way Home:  The Odyssey of a Lesbian Mother and Her Children.  Jeanne Jullion.  1985.  Call No.: 306.7663 Jullion.

Love Between Men:  Enhancing Intimacy and Resolving Conflicts in Gay Relationships.  Rik Isensee.  2005.  Call No.: 306.7622 Isensee.

Out of the Closet Into Our Hearts:  Celebrating Our Gay/Lesbian Family Members.  Laura Siegel and Nancy Lamkin Olson. 2001.  Call No.: LGBT 306.876.

Queer Questions, Clear Answers:  The Contemporary Debates on Sexual Orientation.  Thomas S. Serwatka.  2010.  Call No.: 306.76 Serwatka.

The Rise of a Gay and Lesbian Movement.  Barry D. Adam.  1987.  Call No.: 306.766 Ada.

Sapphistries:  A Global History of Love Between Women.  Leila J. Rupp.  2010.  Call No.: 306.7663 Rupp.

Stonewall:  The Riots that Sparked the Gay Revolution.  David Carter.  2004.  Call No.: 306.766 Carter.

The Testosterone Files: My Hormonal and Social Transformation from Female to Male. Max Wolf Valerio. 2006. Call No.: 306.76

Vested Interests:  Cross-Dressing & Cultural Anxiety.  Marjorie Garber.  1992.  Call No.: 306.77 Garber.

Vice Versa:  Bisexuality and the Eroticism of Everyday Life.  Marjorie Garber.  1995.  Call No.: 306.765 Garber.

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