Tips on Writing Well

Reading, Writing and Researching for History

There are many ways to approach writing a research paper.  Associate Professor of History, Patrick Rael of Bowdoin College has developed a complete guide entitled,

Reading, Writing and Researching for History:  A Guide for College Students. 

The guide can also be downloaded from NVC's library site above or can be found online at:

Writing a Research Paper in 15 Easy Steps

We've put together a helpful guide to assist students in the steps to follow in writing a research paper.  While it may appear somewhat elementary, it does illustrate how to break down this sometimes daunting task into easy to understand "chunks." 

Download Writing a Research Paper in 15 Easy Steps

Want to write "A" papers?  Check out this list from UC Santa Barbara English teachers, adapted from Jerome Beatty's The Norton Introduction to Fiction entitled World's Most Comprehensive Checklist for Papers.

Using MLA or APA Format to Correctly Cite Your Sources

Be sure to follow your instructor's guidelines on the type of citation style he or she want you to use in your research papers.  Purdue University's Online Writing Lab has made available excellent guides for citing your sources:

MLA Guide
APA Guide 

Solano College has created a handout with numerous examples of MLA style.

Is it Plagiarism?

Vaughan Memorial Library at Acadia University has created a very useful online tutorial to help you to distinguish what constitutes plagiarism and what does not. 

Scientific Information Literacy Modules
Unit 1:  What is Science?
Unit 2:  Scientific Information
Unit 3:  Information Formats 
Unit 4:  Defining Search Terms 
Unit 5:  Conducting a Literature Review
Unit 6:  Science Information Sources

History Information Literacy Modules