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 Tanguay, famous vaudeville star

Genre: Vaudeville

Vaudeville:  A Dazzling Display
This site chronicles the history of vaudeville and includes film clips of silent shorts, a selection of audio songs, sketches and recitations as well as a list of sources and links.

The Keith/Albee Collection:  The Vaudeville Industry, 1894-1935.

Scholar Explores Vaudeville Circuits & Regional Architecture


Stephen Colbert

Genre:  Comedy

"If You Just Change I Won't Have to Kill You:  Comedy as a Force of Social Change." 

"This is Generally Followed by a Blackout":  Power, Resistance and Carnivalesque in Television Sketch Comedy."  M.A. thesis.

Women and Comedy

Performing Marginality:  Comedy, Identity and Cultural Critique

"Brought to You by Fem-Rage: Stand-up Comedy and the Politics of Gender"

Chicano Theatre Production

Genre:  Chicano Theatre

Luis Valdez

Four Contemporary Mexican and Chicano Plays - An Analysis

Luis Valdez's Zoot Suit:  A New Direction for Chicano Theatre?

Hispanic Theatre in the United States:  Post-War to the Present

Genre:  Opera

Verisimilitude in Early Venetian Opera

Before and After:  Ottavio Rinuccini's Mascherate and Their Relationship to the Operatic Libretto.

List of Major Opera Composers

Propagating a National Genre:  German Writers on German Opera 1798-1830

Making America Operatic:  Six Composers' Attempts at an American Opera, 1910-1918.

Opera Comique

Carmen:  The Librettists

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