Science Information Sources

Most scientists use and trust these sources of scientific and technical information. 

  •   Science   (Napa Valley College has current and past 3 years)
  •   Nature    (NVC does not subscribe to this journal, but you can go to their webpage
                       and click on archive to view past issues)

Nature journal cover                Science journal cover


Subject Specific Resources  (Those with blue hyper-links have been created.  We are continuing to work on all others and they will be available soon)

Anatomy-Physiology Subject Guide

Animal Science Subject Guide

Astronomy Subject Guide

Biology Subject Guide

Biotechnology Subject Guide

Chemistry Subject Guide

Computer Networking Subject Guide

Geology Subject Guide

Health/Medical Subject Guide

Meteorology Subject Guide

Nursing Subject Guide

Pharmacy Subject Guide

Physics Subject Guide

Respiratory Therapy Subject Guide

Veterinary Science Subject Guide


Scientific Information Literacy Modules
Unit 1:  What is Science?
Unit 2:  Scientific Information
Unit 3:  Information Formats
Unit 4:  Defining Search Terms 
Unit 5: Conducting a Literature Review
Unit 6: Science Information Sources

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