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The purpose of this guide is to lead the beginning researcher to the most important and useful sources in the Reference Collection and online for the study of music.  The list of sources is not exhaustive; please consult with a Reference Librarian for additional suggestions.


A Century of Country Music:  An Illustrated History of Country Music. Robert K. Oermann (1999).  Call no.: REF 781.642 Oermann.

A Chronology of American Musical Theatre v1-3.  Richard C. Norton (2002).  Call no.: R 782.14 Norton v1-3.

A Nineteenth-Century Musical Chronical:  Events 1800-1899.  Charles J. Hall, Complier (1989).  Call no.: REF 780.9 HAL.

All Music Guide:  The Best CDs , Albums & Tapes
.  Michael Erlewine and Scott Bultman, Editors (1992).  Call no.: REF 780.266 ALL.

All Music Guide to Country.  Vladimir Bogdanov, Chris woodstra and Stephen Erlewine (2003).  Call no.: REF 781.642 ALL.

American Popular Songs.  David Ewen (1966).  Call no.: Ref 780 EW.

Chamber Music from Haydn to Bartok.  Harold Gleason and Warren Becker (1980).  Call no.: R780.9 GL Series 5.

Composers Since 1900:  A Biographical and Critical Guide. David Ewen (1969).  Call no.: Ref 780.92 Ewen.

Composers Since 1900:  A Biographical and Critical Guide.  First Supplement.  David Ewen (1981).  Call no.: REF 780.92 EW.

Early American Music:  Music in America from 1620 to 1920
.  Harold Gleason and Warren Becker (1981).  Call no.: R780.9 GL Series 3. 

Great Composers 1300-1900:  A Biographical and Critical Guide.  David Ewen, Editor (1966).  Call no.: Ref 780.92 Ewen.

Jazz Talk.  Robert S. Gold (1975).  Call no.: Ref 781.57 Gold.

Listener's Guide to Folk Music.  Sarah Lifton (1983).  Call no.: REF 781.7 Lif.

Listener's Guide to Medieval & Renaissance Music.  Derrick Henry (1983).  Call no.: REF 780.902 HEN.

Musicians Since 1900:  Performers in Concert and Opera.  David Ewen, Editor (1978).  Call no.: REF 780.92 Ewen.

Music Since 1900, Sixth Edition.  Laura Kuhn and Nicolas Slonimsky, Editors (2001).  Call no.: REF 780.904 Kuhn.

National Anthems of the World.  Michael Jamieson Bristow, Editor (2006).  Call no.: REF 781.599 National.

The Oxford Companion to Jazz.  Bill Kirchner, Editor (2000).  Call no.: REF 781.65 Oxford.

Phonetic Readings of Songs and Arias.  Second Edition with revised German Transcriptions.  Berton Coffin et al (1982).  Call no.:  REF 784.305 Phonetic.

Popular American Composers:  From Revolutionary Times to the Present:  A Biographical and Critical Guide.  David Ewen, Editor (1962).

Popular American Composers:  From Revolutionary Times to the Present.  First Supplement.  David Ewen, Editor (1972).

The Popular Guide to Classical Music.  Dr. Anne Gray (1993).  Call no.: REF 781.68 Gray.

Popular Titles and Subtitles of Musical Compositions.  Freda Pastor Berkowitz (1975).  Call no.: Ref 780 Berkowitz.

The Rock Who's Who.  Brock Helander (1996).  Call no.: REF 781.660922 Helander.

The Rough Guide to Punk:  The Filth, The Fury, The Fashion.  Al Spicer (2006).  Call no.; REF 781.66 Spicer.

Show Tunes 1905-1985:  The Songs, Shows and Careers of Broadway's Major Composers.  Steven Suskin (1986).  Call no.: REF 782.81 Sus.

Twentieth Century Music.  Richard Burbank (1984).  Call no.: REF 780.904 Bur.

The Book of World-Famous Music:  Classical, Popular and Folk.  James J. Fuld (1966).  Call no.: REF 780 Fu.

20th Century American Composers.  Harold Gleason and Warren Becker (1980).  Call no.: R 780.9 GL Series 4.

Word-by-Word Translations of Songs and Arias.  Part I:  German and French.  Berton Coffin et al (1966).  Call no.: REF 781.96 Word-by-Word V. 1.

Word-by-Word Translations of Songs and Arias.  Part II:  Italian.  Arthur Schoep and Daniel Harris (1972).  Call no.: REF 781.96 Word V. 2. 

World Music:  The Basics.  Richard O. Nidel (2005).  REF 780.9 Nidel.


Rock On Almanac:  The First Four Decades of Rock N' Roll.  Norm N. Nite (1989).  Call no.: REF 781.6609 Nit.


Big Book of Country Music:  A Biographical Encyclopedia.  Richard Carlin (1995).  Call no.: REF 781.642 Carlin.

Women in American Music:  A Bibliography of Music and Literature.  Adrienne Fried Block and Carol Neuls-Bates.  (1979).  Call no.: R 780.022 Blo.

Women in Music:  A Biobibliography.  Don L. Hixon and Don Hennessee (1975).  Call no.: Ref 780.92 Hixon.


Baker's Biographical Dictionary of 20th Century Classical Musicians.  Nicolas Slonimsky (1997).  Call no.: REF 780.922 Slonminsky. 

Biographical Dictionary of American Music.  Charles Eugene Claghorn (1973).  Call no.: REF 780.92 Claghorn.

Contemporary American Composers:  A Biographical Dictionary.  E. Ruth Anderson, Compiler (1982).  Call no.: REF 780.922 AND.

American Composers:  A Biographical Dictionary.  David Ewen (1982).  Call no.: REF 780.92 EWE.

A Dictionary of Musical Themes
.  Harold Barlow and Sam Morgenstern (1975).  Call no.: REF 781.97 Barlow.

A Dictionary of Musical Quotations.  Ian Crofton & Donald Fraser (1985).  Call no.: R 780 CRO.

A Dictionary of Opera and Son Themes.  Harold Barlow and Sam Morgenstern (1976). Call no.: REF 781.97 Barlow.

Dictionary of American Pop/Rock.  Arnold Shaw (1982).  Call no.: REF 780.420321 SHO.

Dictionary of Braille Music Signs.  Bettye Krolick (1979).  Call no.:  R 781.24 Krolick.

The Dictionary of Composers.  Charles Osborne, Editor  (1978).  Call no.: R 780.92 Dictionary. 

The Harvard Dictionary of Music.  Fourth Edition.  Don Michael Randel (2004).  Call no.: REF 780.3 Harvard.

International Dictionary of Black Composers v1-2.  Samuel A. Floyd, Jr., Editor (1999).  Call no.: REF 780.922 International v1-2.

The Language of Twentieth Century Music:  A Dictionary of Terms.  Robert Fink and Robert Ricci (1975). Call no.: Ref 780.3 Fink.

Musical Instruments:  A Comprehensive Dictionary.  Sibyl Marcuse (1975).  Call no.: REF 781.91 Marcuse.

The New College Encyclopedia of Music.  J.A. Westrup and F. L. Harrison, editors (1976).  Call no.: Ref 780.3 Westrup.

The New Everyman Dictionary of Music.  Eric Blom (1988).  Call no.: REF 780.3221 Blom.

The New Grove Dictionary of American Music v1-4.  H. Wiley Hitchcock and Stanley Sadie, Editors (1986).  Call no.: REF 781.773 0321 New v. 1-4

The New Grove Dictionary of Jazz v1-3.  Barry Kernfeld (2002).  Call no.: REF 781.6503 New v. 1-3

The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians, Second Edition v1-29.  Stanley Sadie, Editor (2001).  Call no.: REF 780.3 New v.1-29.

The New Harvard Dictionary of Music.  Don Randel, Editor (1986).  Call no.: REF 780.321 New.

The Norton/Grove Dictionary of Women Composers.  Julie Anne Sadie & Rhian Samuel, Editors (1995).  Call no.: REF 780.92 Norton.

The Oxford Companion to Music.  Alison Lathan, Editor (2002).  Call no.: REF 780.3 Oxford.

The Oxford Companion to Popular Music.  Peter Gammond (1991).  Call no.:  REF 782.6403 Gammond.

The Oxford Dictionary of Opera.  John Warrack and Ewan West (1992).  Call no.:  REF 782.103 Warrack.

The Penguin Dictionary of Musical Performers.  Arthur Jacobs (1989).  Call no.: REF 780.922 Jacobs.

Random House Encyclopedic Dictionary of Classical Music.  David Cummings, Editor (1997).  Call no.: REF 781.6803 Random.


The Schirmer Guide to Schools of Music and Conservatories Throughout the World.  Nancy Uscher (1988).  Call no.: REF 780.729 USC.


Britannica Book of Music.  Frank Gibney, Editor (1980).  Call no.: R 780.3 Britannica.

The Comprehensive County Music Encyclopedia.  Editors of County Music (1994).  Call no.: REF 781.642 Comprehensive.

Country Music:  The Encyclopedia.  Irwin Stambler & Grelun Landon (1997).  Call no.: REF 781.642 Stambler.

The Encyclopedia of Country Music.  Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum (1998).  Call no.: REF 781.642 Encyclopedia.

Encyclopedia of the Blues.  Gerard Herzhaft (1992).  Call no.: REF 781.64303 Herzhaft.

The Encyclopedia of Jazz in the Seventies.  Leonard Feather and Ira Gitler (1976).  Call no.: REF 781.57 Feather.

The Encyclopedia of Popular Music v1-10.  Colin Larkin, Editor (2006).  Call no.: REF 781.6403 Encyclopedia.

Folk & Blues:  The Premier Encyclopedia of American Roots Music.  Irwin Stambler and Lyndon Stambler (2001)  Call no.: REF 781.62003 Stambler.

The Garland Encyclopedia of World Music:  The United States and Canada.  Ellen Koskoff, Editor (2001).  Call no.: 780.9 Garland. 

Icons of Hip Hop:  An Encyclopedia of the Movement, Music and Culture v1-2.  Micky Hess, Editor (2007).  Call no.: REF 781.649 Icons v1-2.

The International Cyclopedia of Music and Musicians.  Oscar Thompson, Editor (1964).  Call no.: Ref 780.3

The New Oxford Companion to Music.  Denis Arnold, General Editor (1983).  Call no.: REF 780.321 New v.1-2.

The Norton Grove Concise Encyclopedia of Music.  Stanley Sadie (1988).  Call no.: REF 780.3 NOR.

The Penguin Encyclopedia of Popular Music, Second Edition.  Donald Clarke, Editor (1998).  Call no.: REF 780.42 Penguin.

The Rolling Stone Encyclopedia of Rock & Roll.  Holly George-Warren and Patricia Romanowski, Editors (2001).  Call no.: REF 781.66 Rolling.

The Thames and Hudson Encyclopaedia of 20th-Century Music.  Paul Griffiths (1986).  Call no.: R 780.904 Gri.

The Unofficial Encyclopedia of Rock and Roll.  Nick Talevski (1998).  Call no.: R 781.6607477.


The American Music Handbook.  Christopher Pavlakis (1974).  Call no.: Ref 780 Pavlakis.

Handbook of Early American Sheet Music 1768-1889.  Harry Dichter and Elliott Shapiro (1977).  Call no.: REF 781.773 Dichter.

The Jazz Handbook.  Barry McRae (1989).  Call no.: REF 781.65092.

The Rough Guide to World Music: Africa, Europe and the Middle East:  An A-Z of the Music, Musicians and Discs, v 1-2.  Simon Broughton, Mark Ellingham and Richard Trillo, Editors (2000).  Call no.:  Ref 780.9 v1-2.


The Sonoma/Napa and Partners (SNAP) online catalog is the gateway to circulating books on anatomy and physiology. Search by keyword, author, title or subject. Subject headings strive to identify topics with consistent terminology. The basic terminology is produced by the Library of Congress. Always look at the subject headings in any catalog, database or index to make sure that you are searching with the most relevant terminology. Once you have the right terms, it's much easier to find the right books. 

Some subject headings used for this discipline are listed below. For additional headings, refer to the Library of Congress Subject Headings or speak with a Reference Librarian.

  • Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus
  • Music--Theory
  • Music--United States--History and criticism
  • Symphonies                                                   

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The following databases may be useful in locating information on music. These reference sources are available online through Solano, Napa and Partners (SNAP) databases and require a library card or e-card to access them.

Academic OneFile (Gale)
Academic Search Premier (Ebsco)
E-books (Ebsco)
Lexis-Nexis Academic on campus use only
General OneFile (Gale)
Index to Printed Music


Bach Bibliography
Maintained by Yo Tomita of the School of Music, Queen's University, Belfast.

Classical Music Links
By BUBL - Catalogue of Internet Resources.

Classical Music USA

Classical Net

The Hiphop Archive
An archive and provider of information about hip-hop.  You will find information, audio-visuals, album covers, sample courses on hip-hop at colleges and universities across the US with links to course syllabi and videos with music.  This site is kept well up-to-date.

Historic American Sheet Music
The collection presents over 3,000 pieces of sheet music drawn from the Rare Book, Manuscript, and Special Collections Library at Duke University.  This selection is part of the American Memory project of the Library of Congress.

Great sites chosen by subject specialists in the United Kingdom.  Although the site is no longer maintained as of July 2011, it is still quite good.

Journal for Seventeenth-Century Music
Provides a refereed forum for scholarly studies of musical cultures of the seventeenth century, including historical and archival studies, performance practice, music theory, aesthetics, dance and theatre.

Music Theory Online
"Music Theory Online, a Journal of Criticism, is the refereed, electronic journal of the Society for Music Theory. Published several times each year, each volume of MTO includes features such as articles, reviews, commentaries, and analytical essays."

The Mutopia Project
Volunteers built this web-based collection of musical scores mostly from the public domain.  They have included selections of Baroque, Classic and Romantic eras.  You can download works as MIDI files.

Find detailed information on many operas including libretti source texts, performance histories, synopses, discographies and role creators.

Petrucci Music Library
A wiki-based repository of musical scores.  Find more than 26,000 works composed of more than 66,000 scores as well as parts of recordings.

Sheet Music Consortium
From Wilson Music Library at Vanderbilt University, this site facilitates access to a wide gathering of digitized sheet music collections.  Use basic or advanced search options to search by keyword, composer/lyricist, title, subject or publisher.

The Symphony
An interactive guide.

WIMA:  Werner Icking Music Archive
This archive contains a variety of subject-specific musical material.  Consult the website for a guide on how to explore the collection.  Sound files, free sheet music downloads and a list of other links are provide.

Worldwide Internet Music Resources
Developed by the William and Gayle Cook Music Library at the Indiana University School of Music, this site is an amazing gateway site into all kinds of music resources.


International Computer Music Association

National Association for Music Education

Professional Music Organizations
A fantastic site leading to numerous music organizations.  Maintained by the University of Oregon.


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