Laptop Use Policy

Wireless Laptop Computers 

The Napa Valley College Library is pleased to announce the availability of wireless laptop computers.

Purchased with a TTIP grant (Telecommunications and Technology Infrastructure Program) provided through the Chancellor’s Office of Student Success through Library Automation, the 16 laptops provide access to
computing services and online resources. The wireless classroom becomes a reality in the Library. Library
users will be able to use the laptops to search the Library’s catalog and research databases, the Internet,
e-mail documents, and use the suite of Microsoft software to write term papers and design PowerPoint

Contact us with questions or comments x3011.

Napa Valley College Library Wireless Laptop Usage Policy


  • Laptops circulate to Napa Valley College students, faculty, staff, and the public with a current SNAP
    library card with good status (students and public must have their library cards with them).
  • Additionally, photo ID will be required from students and members of the public and held until the
    laptop is returned and cleared by staff.
  • Borrower must read and sign a Usage Agreement for Wireless Laptops (one time only) to be eligible
    to check out laptops. Borrowers’ library cards will be marked to identify those who have signed
    the agreement.

Usage and Responsibilities

  • Laptops are for library use only.
  • Individual laptops may be reserved 24 hours in advance by college instructors and staff for library use
    and otherwise will be available on a first-come first-served basis. The Media Center circulates individual
    laptops to all staff for instructional use in classrooms.
  • The Library is the sole site for the wireless network needed to operate the laptops as individual units
    or as an electronic classroom (laptops lose access to the Internet and network printer when removed
    from the library). Faculty and staff must reserve the Silent Zone two weeks in advance if they plan to
    conduct library orientations. Reference librarians are available to orient students to library resources
    and research methods via this technology.
  • Laptops may be checked out for a period up to 3 hours. Instructors and staff may arrange with Library
    for an extended loan period on as as-needed basis.
  • Borrowers are not to place food or beverages near computers.
  • Modified, damaged or lost laptops will be the responsibility of the borrower. All costs up to $2,000.00
    for any damage or replacement will be assigned to the borrower.
  • Files can be saved to a 3 ½ inch floppy drive or e-mailed. Personal software may not be loaded on
    laptop nor may any files be saved to the hard drive.
  • Printing to Library network printer (the printer nearest library entrance) for 10 cents per page
    is permitted.
  • Fines of $5.00 per hour will be assigned (to a maximum of $25.00 late charge per offense). A 10-minute
    grace period will be honored.
  • Software loaded on the laptop will include Internet Explorer, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Adobe
    Acrobat Reader, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Access, Microsoft FrontPage, and Microsoft Visual
    Studio. Library staff is not available to provide support in using the above software.

LIBRARY CARD NUMBER:                                                                                                  
Napa Valley College Library
Usage Agreement for Wireless Laptops

LAST NAME                                          FIRST NAME                                       M.I. 

Laptop Usage Requirements:

  • A SNAP library card in good standing and photo ID must be presented each time I ask to borrow a laptop. My photo ID will be held at the Circulation Desk until the laptop is returned.
  • My library card status must be “good”; I must clear delinquencies before I am eligible to borrow a laptop.
  • I understand laptops check out for 3 hours and incur a late fine of $5.00 per hour (or portion thereof) if returned later than 10 minutes after the time they are due. (I have a grace period of 10 minutes.)
  • I will not remove laptops from the library building. Laptops may not be used on the patio or in the entry.
  • I agree that no food or beverages are to be placed near laptops or other library computers.
  • I will not download my own software on laptops or save files to the hard drive.
  • I agree to handle laptops with care and I accept responsibility for any damage or loss. In the event of damage or loss, I will pay all costs, up to $2,000 per laptop.

I have read and agree to the above requirements for using the Library laptop computers.

PLEASE SIGN YOUR NAME: