College Skills Resources

AAA Math
Customized by grade level and topic, AAA Math features a variety of activities to review basic math skills. Each page includes interactive practice and an explanation of the skill being reviewed. Also included are various mathematical topics, practice problems and fun, challenging games. This site is bi-lingual (Spanish).

College Success Strategies
Brought to you by Cerritos College's Re-Entry Resources Program, this site provides helpful suggestions to stay on track to graduate.

Index of Learning Styles Questionnaire
North Carolina State University has developed an online Learning Styles Questionnaire available for anyone to take.  Using a scale, the questionnaire determines learning preferences for active and reflective learners, sensing and intuitive learners, visual and verbal learners, and sequential and global learners.  Explanations of the scales and implications of preferences are discussed as well as strategies for classroom success.

Managing Your Time
Dartmouth University's Academic Skills Center has created this fine site with many tips for succeeding in college. The 'Handouts' link provides helpful study skills information including:  Reading Your Textbooks Effectively and Efficiently; Taking Lecture and Class Notes; and Where to Study/How to Study.

Online Writing Lab "OWL" at Purdue University
A fabulous resouce for all types of writing, especially research papers.  The OWL site includes information on proper citation to avoid plagiarism; grammar and mechanics; English as a Second Language Resources; how to write a resume and more!

Mathematics WWW Virtual Library
Created by Florida State University's Mathematics Department, students will find hundreds of links for math help.

Paul's Online Math Notes
Paul Dawkins of Lamar University offers online math tutorials in Algebra, Calculus and Linear Algebra.  In a short section at the bottom of the site, called "How to Study Math", Paul gives useful advice on how to best study mathematics.

Reading A-Z
Useful reading and word-attack strategies that were developed and produced by a wide range of individuals with education and classroom experience.   Strategies are  tested by expert teams of outside educators and consultants.

Reading Strategies:  What Do Good Readers Do?
Steps to follow before, during and after reading. Courtesy of Kent State University's Education Dept.

Time Scheduling Suggestions
Virginia Tech's Counseling Center provides some helpful suggestions to schedule your time.

Top 12 Time Management Tips
From U.S. News and World Report.

Ways to Increase Engagement & Become a More Efficient Student
Helpful and universal suggestions for increasing students' effectiveness can be found from a coed New England College Preparatory Boarding School in New Hampshire. 

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