Associations and Organizations

"The first thing naturally when one enters a scholar's study or library, is to look at his books.  One gets the notion very speedily of his tastes and the range of his pursuits by a glance round his book-shelves."

                                                                                ̶ The Poet at the Breakfast Table. VIII
                                                                                  Oliver Wendell Holmes (1809-1894)

Locating Associations and Organizations

Associations and organizations are often a good place to locate information when conducting research.  Often, these entities publish pamphlets and brochures about their activities.  Also, experts in various areas belong to such groups and can be contacted through membership lists maintained by associations and organizations.


The Internet Public Library
IPL is a great resource to locate prominent organizations and associations.

Weddle's Association Directory
A free source of information on associations organized by category (e.g., Accounting/Finance, Agriculture, Astronomy, etc.).

The Scholarly Societies Project
This site, sponsored by the University of Waterloo Library, is a great source for finding scholarly societies by subject.  Broad subject areas include  Arts & Humanities; Biology & Environment; Business, Economics & Math; Health & Medicine; Science & Engineering; and Social Sciences.

Also, you can do a general Google search for a particular type of association or organization:

      Examples:   library associations

                         hunting associations

                         learning disabilities associations

                         dog training associations

                         animal welfare organizations


Scientific Information Literacy Modules

Unit 1:  What is Science?
Unit 2:  Scientific Information
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