Students! What's Here

Welcome to McCarthy Library at Napa Valley College!

It may at first feel intimidating to walk into a large college library like Napa Valley College’s McCarthy Library.  You may wonder:

 Learning Services (LS)

If you are experiencing any difficulties with your classes and suspect you may have learning difficulties, you can refer yourself for diagnostic evaluation.  The Learning Services Department is located on the second floor of the McCarthy Library Building (Building 1700).  If it is determined that you have a learning disability, accommodations may help you to be successful in your classes.  Contact Learning Services for further information at 259-6058.

Alternative Media

Located on the second floor, Alternative Media Technicians work with faculty and students to make course materials accessible to students with vision, hearing and other disabilities.  For more information, call 253-3276.

Testing and Tutoring Center (TTC)

The Testing and Tutoring Center provides testing for English placement and math placement.  You must have applied for admission to Napa Valley College at least 24 hours prior to testing and you must bring a picture ID. 

Students can test Monday through Thursday between the hours of 8:30 am and 7:00 pm.

They also proctor tests for students with documented disabilities.  The center will also proctor tests for the general student population as a courtesty.  Located on the second floor of the LLRC, the Testing and Tutoring Center staff can be reached at (707) 256-7434.  See their web page for more details.