Faculty Services

Library Guides for Faculty and Students

The librarians at NVC McCarthy Library have created some helpful guides tailored to library resources for each discipline.  Faculty will find selected reference books, circulating books, periodicals, online databases, authoritiative websites and organizations and associations related to the discipline in one handy spot.  Please visit the Library Guides page to see if a guide has been created for your subject discipline. 

We are very interested in developing customized library pages for individual courses and programs.  In developing a CourseLib page, faculty and librarians work collaboratively to identify key resources, services and strategies that support a course's assignments and learning objectives.  The CourseLib program also intends to foster the development of Information Literacy Competencies for NVC students.

Faculty interested in having a CourseLib page developed for their courses may contact Nancy McEnery, Librarian-Instructor at nmcenery@napavalley.edu.

Instructor's Reserves

To place books or other materials on reserve in the Library:
Bring materials that you want placed on reserve to the circulation desk at the library. Examples of materials that can be placed on reserve include class textbooks, supplementary materials, and sample exams.

  1. Fill out reserve form indicating course title and number and preferred checkout period. Standard checkout periods are 2-hour (library use only) or 24 hour checkout. Please indicate when you want the materials removed from the reserve collection and whether you want them returned to you, added to the library collection, or sold in the ongoing library book sale.
  2. Please allow 2 working days for staff to process reserve materials before you announce their availability to your class.

In order to monitor circulation and safeguard reserve materials, all materials placed in the reserve collection will receive a label indicating the instructor’s name, course title and number, a barcode placed on the cover, and a library ownership stamp on the head of the book.

For further information please contact Jan Schardt at 256-7412 or email jschardt@napavalley.edu.

Interlibrary Loan 

The McCarthy Library staff is able to locate and borrow books, journal articles, and documents from libraries across the United States.

For items you do not find listed in the SNAP catalog or for articles in periodicals that NVC does not own, Please see Reference Librarian for assistance. NVC Library staff will search for these ILL items, almost always without cost to you.

SNAP libraries do not charge fees for loaning materials. If we have to go beyond our member libraries to find materials, our policy is to search for materials from libraries that loan without charge. If we cannot find a free lender, we will not search further unless we have your authorization to search libraries that charge fees, which we may have to pass on to you.

Be sure to make your ILL requests as early in the semester as possible. Allow 2-6 weeks for items to arrive. Please contact Amy Guan  256-7416 or e-mail aguan@napavalley.edu for further information.

Library Instruction

Instructors are encouraged to schedule library orientations for their classes. Library orientations are easy to arrange and extremely effective in reinforcing instructor’s class assignments. Sessions may include library tours, introduction to research methods, basic information retrieval skills, and effective web-based research. Library orientations are held in the bibliographic classroom to facilitate instruction on identifying, evaluating and citing print and non-print research materials. Instructors may request the librarian to distribute laptops to give students hands-on practice developing their skills.

For further information and scheduling please call Stephanie Grohs, Librarian, at 256-7426 or 256-7430 or
email: sgrohs@napavalley.edu or email Nancy McEnery, Librarian,  nmcenery@napavalley.edu.

Laptops are available in the Library. Laptop Policy.

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Instructional Media

The Media Center's Instructional Collection is now housed in the McCarthy Library, Building 1700.  The collection includes videotapes, DVDs, audiotapes, and other materials for individual or media-assisted instruction.  Materials can be checked out at the McCarthy Library circulation desk.

Media Staff offices are located on the second floor of the 1700 Building across from the Teaching and Learning Center (TLC).    For Media Tech Support call 256-7452.  
Tereasa Snowder 256-7457 or e-mail tsnowder@napavalley.edu or
Choolwe Kalulu 256-7456 or e-mail ckalulu@napavalley.edu

List of Diversity-Related Media Materials.pdf

Instructional Equipment

The Instructional Media Center has LCD projectors, laptop computers, document cameras, videotape players, and portable stereo systems available for classroom use. Please contact the Instructional Media staff  to arrange for the scheduling and delivery of equipment.

Tereasa Snowder 256-7457 or email  tsnowder@napavalley.edu
Choolwe Kalulu 256-7456 or e-mail ckalulu@napavalley.edu