Inclusivity Committee

Inclusivity Committee

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The Inclusivity Committee's purpose is to identify the offices and areas of the college responsible for implementing the goals of the Diversity Task Force Plan, set up timelines for implementation, and determine the mechanisms by which we will evaluate the progress.

The members of the committee is composed primarily of employees in specified positions whose job duties provide them the ability to deal directly with major aspects of the Diversity Task Force Plan. This will ensure that the people on this committee have experience and engagement in diversity issues as well as the authority to implement the goals of the plan. The committee will also include two members of the community. The committee is composed of the following members:

2013-2014 Committee Members
Vice President, Instruction (Interim): Faye Smyle
Vice President, Student Services: Oscar De Haro

Administrative Senate representative: Christina Rivera
Classified Senate representative: Danielle Alexander
Faculty Senate representative: Ann Gross
Bias Incident Team Coordinator: Greg Miraglia
Dean, Human Resources: Laura Ecklin
Teaching and Learning Center, Dean: Rebecca Scott
Associate Dean, DSPS: vacant
Student Support Services Director:  Howard Willis
Interim Student Life Coordinator: Benjamin Quesada
ASNVC representative: Alex Shantz
Community Members (2): Alicia Jaramillo, vacant