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Classified Senate



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There are currently no upcoming events.
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​#Trending at NVC
  • Educational Master Plan Rounding into Form
  • Enrollment is do we fix it?
  • Student Equity Plan bringing needed funds into NVC
  • Time to update the Mission Statement (again)
Check out the President's C​orner​​ for information on these and more!
Meetings are open to everyone!
  • Executive Board Meetings are to plan upcoming events and meetings. General Membership Meetings are to inform the Classified Professionals of everything that is going on across the campus.

  • Click on a meeting to the left to add it to your calendar, or use the links below to add all meetings to your Calendar:


Folder: Executive Board
8/15/2015 8:47 PMChristopher Farmer
Folder: General Membership Meeting
8/15/2015 8:47 PMChristopher Farmer