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Classified Staff Emeritus Status Procedure



Emeritus status is an honorary designation conferred upon Napa Valley College Classified retirees to recognize their exceptional contributions and accomplishments over their employment career at Napa Valley College. Emeritus status is an honorary title awarded to classified professionals to recognize the distinguished and honorable service of retirees and to encourage continued association with the college. All classified professionals may apply for emeritus provided they meet the eligibility requirements detailed below. Individuals interested in being considered in emeritus status are encouraged to review eligibility criteria. Emeritus status for classified professionals will begin July 1, 2014.




    Candidate must be a permanent classified employee with the Napa Valley College district and retire on or after July 1, 2014 from Napa Valley College.

    The candidate must be permanently retired and be eligible to activate an annuity from PERs retirement system.

     Candidate must have completed a minimum of 10 consecutive years of distinguished service at Napa Valley College.

    Volunteer staff and hourly staff are not eligible for this status.



An exception to the above requirement must originate at the department level or its functional equivalent and be forwarded to the Superintendent or their designate for final approval. Recommendations for exceptions should be accompanied by a brief narrative summary citing the professional accomplishments, record of university service, rationale for exception, and must have Dean or director-level approval.


Application Procedure

        Classified employee completes application.

        Employment date and final employment date must be submitted along with a copy of the letter of retirement.

        Classified Senate Board reviews applications.

        Once selected, the Classified Senate forwards the names to the appropriate vice president for review and approval

        The vice president forwards candidate names to the Superintendent/President who will make the final recommendation to the Board.


Privileges of Emeritus/Emerita Status

    Receives an official document certifying emeritus status.

    Receives a courtesy campus parking permit authorization through the Campus Police Department.

    Will receive business card (and, if appropriate, an identification card) that indicates status as an Emeritus Classified member at Napa Valley College.

    Are listed in all appropriate college directories.

    Are listed in the college catalog.

    A college employee library status allowing full use of the Library and Learning Resource Center.

    Complimentary or reduced price admission to the Napa Valley College performances and events, on the same basis as that provided to other staff.

    Use of recreational and social facilities of the college, on the same basis as that provided to other staff.

    Participation in Napa Valley College public ceremonies.

    Opportunity to visit classes, subject to the consent of the instructor.


A favorable recommendation from the head of the department shall be based upon a majority vote of the permanent classified members of the department. In departments with only one classified professional, a favorable recommendation from the head of the department is sufficient for departmental level approval. Department heads/unit head shall forward favorable recommendation to the next level of administration.


If there is conflict between Board Policy 3101 Emeritus Status – Academic, Classified & Administrative Staff and this Classified Emeritus Status procedure, the Board Policy will supersede the procedure.


Application (PDF)

Application (Word)