Academic Senate

Tenured Faculty Evaluation

 2013-2014 Tenured Evaluation Teams
 Tenured Evaluation Process

Friday, August 15th                 Flex Day Orientation
                                                       Data Definitions
                                                       College Wide Data
Self Evaluation Survey -Teaching Faculty
                                                       Self Evaluation Survey - Counseling Faculty    
Syllabus Checklist         

Friday, September 20th            First Meeting and Form Due

Friday, October 18th                Last Day to submit Student Evaluation to AS secretary, Rm 841

Friday, December 6th              Second Meeting and Form Due

Friday, February 7th                Third Meeting and Form Due

Friday, April 4th                       Peer Evaluation and Additional Professional Development Completed       
                                                         Teaching Form
                                                         Counseling Form
                                                         Online Class Form

Friday, April 11th                     Final Meeting and Form Due

Tuesday, April 15th                   ALL Documentation Due