Academic Senate

Faculty Coach Committee

The Faculty Coach Committee shall be concerned with the Contract Faculty Evaluation Process. The committee will be chaired by the 2nd Vice President of the Academic Senate. The Committee will consist of Academic Senate members currently serving as coaches for the contract faculty evaluation process.

2014-2015 Members 

McCann, Kelly
Conroy, Michael 
DiFranco, Aaron 
Fortier, Wayne
Fried, Bill 
Gianvecchio, Michael
Lohse, Sherry
McCann, Sean
Miller, Robert
Quinlan, Forest 
Sanchez, Marci
Villa, Randy 

All information and materials related to evaluation MUST BE KEPT CONFIDENTIAL. Exceptional care must be
exercised to ensure that no action by a member of this committee will jeopardize this security or give anyone the impression that this security is being jeopardized.

Contract Faculty Evaluation Process, Timelines, and Forms

2013-2014 Meeting Calendar

 Spring 2014  Feb 18, May 20
 Fall 2013  Aug 15, Sep 17, Oct 15, Nov 19