Academic Senate

Basic Skills Initiative

The Basic Skills Committee shall provide institutional direction to integrate validated effective practices for underprepared students to succeed at college level learning. The committee shall be responsible for developing and assessing a yearly basic skills plan reflecting the state’s Basic Skills Initiative.

2014-2015 Committee Members:

Senate Representative

Andrea Bewick, Chair* 

Language & Developmental Studies


Sheryl Fernandez

Counseling Co-Chair


Michael Conroy



Cathy Gillis

Language & Developmental Studies


Yolanda Woods

Language & Developmental Studies


*Subject to committee approval
Administrative Senate Representatives

Rebecca Scott, Co-Chair

Library & Learning Resources



Meeting Calendar 2014-2015

Fall 2014 Aug 15
 Spring 2014  Feb 10, Mar 10, Apr 14
 Fall 2013 Sep 9, Nov 18
 Spring 2013 Feb 13Mar 13,  Apr 10
 Fall 2012  Aug 17, Sep 12, Oct 10, Nov 14, Dec 12
Fall 2011 Aug 13, Sep 8, Oct 6, Nov 10, Dec 8
Spring 2011 Apr 5, May 3
Fall 2010 Aug 13, Sep 23, Nov 22


Membership:  The committee shall consist of the following Academic Senate representatives: a Faculty Co-Chair, who shall be the Basic Skills Coordinator; and four to five additional faculty including one from English, Math, ESL, and Counseling. Non-Senate committee members shall include one to three individuals from the following: VP of Instruction, Dean of Learning Resources, and Dean of Career Technical Education, one of whom will serve as Co-Chair.

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